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TalkingDugong ·

My wrist candy collection is now complete!

So yeah, got an email that the delivery for my Revelot 39 is going to be today. Had butterflies waiting for courier to arrive and he finally did! So,...
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It's the most wonderful time of the year..🎶🎙️

Got the notice yesterday evening and I didn't take notice. Take a look this morning and hey, what do you Revelot's is on its way! https://yo...
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We get 110th anniversary now? New Seiko 119th anniversary Save the Oceans LE SPB333

Ok, I love Seiko as much as any right thinking man does but what the heck is this bevy of special edition LEs going on with Seiko? Ugh, there goes my...
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TalkingDugong commented on What's your opinion on the Doxa SUB 200? ·

Looks nice, I guess.

TalkingDugong commented on Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned... ·

Eh, wear what you like. We'd moan and bitch but it's your wrist, so you do you, man. Besides you got it on a deal, which is the only way to get one of these at prices that would seem more fair.

Edit: I forgot. Give ten Hail Rolexes, praise the horological trinity and take a glance at every god tier Casios and G-Shock you see in week and sin no more, my child. There, you're forgiven. 😛😎

TalkingDugong commented on Rolex Explorer 1 (I124270 ) dilemma and advice required ·

Don't tell me, you actually bought one.

TalkingDugong commented on Rolex Explorer 1 (I124270 ) dilemma and advice required ·

If you really got the itch, my advice is save the money and research the shit out of it so you know what to do.

We're watch enthusiasts. Sanity was three stops back in the road of life, bruh.

TalkingDugong commented on Rolex Submariner ·

Your cousin's either not a watchguy, he doesn't have the money to buy one or he's a [genital thing].

You got one, more power to you. It's your wrist, put whatever you want on it.

Runs from moderators who wants to bash dugong for saying crass things. You never gonna catch me, copper!😛

TalkingDugong commented on Amazing service! ·

notes down stuff to kidnap in case I need a spanking new Grand Seiko 😛

TalkingDugong commented on Walked into an AD to try on a Tudor ·

You're either a lucky man, or that jeweler has now posted your face on their 'top-sekrit channels' as 'guy who seems to have money and is not a flipper' type. In short, you got hooked. 

My sources? Trust me, Imma dugong. 😛😂 

In all seriousness though, congratulations on your purchase and finding that AD and staff that isn't so far into their own hype. Congratulations, and continue wearing your Datejust in triumph and as a symbol of hope for the rest of us. 😛

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TalkingDugong ·

A gift for my nephews (and one for me! 😛)

Saw this online for $16 each and I thought of my nephews who showed signs of being interested in watches. I figure, if they want to start (they're 12...
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TalkingDugong ·

A new LE from Seiko, SRPJ51K1.

Saw this on my Instagram feed. A sea urchin inspired watch, eh? Looks good.
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TalkingDugong ·

Goddamnit Gnomon! Why must you do this to me!

So yeah, here I was feeling good about myself for getting a Marine Mojave and this comes along! Yeah, 41mm diameter, 49mm lug to lug, 13.8mm thick wit...
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TalkingDugong ·

Crazy things I saw on Instagram - an Apple Watch Watch boujee case. Thought it was some kind of a RM homage at first

So yeah, like I said, saw the ad on Instagram and looked kinda neat and they're selling it at discount now. Like, $199 from $699. Or this piece, $399...
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TalkingDugong ·

SOTC (up to date as to 27/11/2022)

My new watch box has arrived which is good because before this I had a 3 slot box and 9 watches (with a tenth on the way!) I rehoused my watches and t...
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TalkingDugong ·

The penultimate watch in my collection have arrived!

So yeah, bought this watch at Gnomon for my birthday and didn't think too much of it since it's supposed to arrive on the 28th. Imagine my surprise wh...
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TalkingDugong ·

Mido × Hodinkee collaboration: a 40.4mm Ocean Star GMT

So yeah, just saw this article. Lucky folks. A Mido Ocean Star retro style GMT. Damn. The link to the article.
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