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7.09” / 18.00 cm Wrist
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Some Youtube watch influencers/reviwers, I just can't stand them. I guess Jory from The Time Teller is a known name in the watch enthusiast circles for his watch revie...

Ikigai's new release: Kame watch

So, I just got this email from Ikigai watch announcing their Kickstarter for a new watch. Looks interesting, so I decided to share it with my fellow C...

Titoni Seascoper 300 Black Edition

As a Southeast Asian watch nerd, the brand Titoni was ingrained in my mind, partly from nostalgia as that watch old uncles and aunties wear. When I st...

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commented on Raymond Weil Millesime ·

Hell yeah. Damn good looking dress watch imo.

commented on TalkingDugong's WRUW ·

The one benefit to living near the equator, it's summer year round. 😁

commented on Some Youtube watch influencers/reviwers, I just can't stand them. ·

Jory being his annoying self and my gout flare-up.

commented on Some Youtube watch influencers/reviwers, I just can't stand them. ·

It's like watching the aftermath of a fender bender on the road. You know you're annoyed for how it makes things slower as everyone and their mother slows down to look at the accident and yet you do the same when it's your turn.

commented on Vintage Watches with an evil past ·

Unless you're a Zodiac collector the possibility is minimal, I think.

commented on TalkingDugong's WRUW ·

Now all I need is a white Persian in my lap and a pinkie ring. Mwahaha!

commented on CW Aproach ... ·

It's an actual supercompressor watch from Christopher Ward. Would be a nice point of conversation with fellow watch enthusiasts, that you can brag having a modern supercompressor.

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Waiting for my grail watch....

Yeah, I saw someone selling a pre-owned Titoni Seascoper 300 Black Edition that is very gently used for $1630 (compared to Titoni Malaysia's official...

Seiko × Ghibli Ghibli collab: SPB437 Seiko Presage Nausicaä watch.

Seems like there's a new watch for Ghibli enthusiast, the new Nausicaä Presage. Blue enamel dial, 6R51 movement. Nice.

Omega Dynamic Automatic 37mm

I saw this on an online seller's website for $1628. Is that a good price for the watch?

Ubiq Dual 01 Series - a Kickstarter project So I saw the video and thought that the watches looks colourful and fun.

Thank you for the votes! The winner, WISE Asura!!! 🎉🎊

So yeah, seeing as a big majority voted for the Wise Asura I bowed to the inevitable and bought one. So yeah, I bought the grey dial, the red is a bit...