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Spring Drive is in the air!

I finally made the leap and picked up a SBGE253. Loving it so far!

Have I been misled?

Weโ€™re all familiar with the famous shot of James Bondโ€™ Submariner from Dr. No. Take a look at the wrist; specifically the near total lack of arm hair....

Aqua Terra โ€” frost dial

I recently picked up this Beijing 2022 frost dial Aqua Terra. Sorry, but the photo doesnโ€™t do justice to the dial.

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Lbakken commented on Which one? ยท

It does. Part of that may be the Rolex's 'male' endlink, which makes the watch unnecessarily long.

Lbakken commented on SOTC ยท

Great choices!

Lbakken commented on Yes, they got annoyed by my wrist shots. ยท

They may act annoyed, but inside they are glad for the break to catch their breath! You were only thinking of them!๐Ÿ˜†

Lbakken commented on Which one? ยท

Bingo: it has an "under-the-radar" look that makes it really appealing for "real life".

Lbakken commented on Which one? ยท

Actually I bought the Ranger the same day I put my name down for the Explorer 40. After 5-1/2mo I got the call for the Rolex. In many respects I like the Ranger better: the Tudor t-fit clasp is better than the easy-link; The Ranger's lume is better; I prefer the brushed finish of the Ranger. The Explorer is beautiful, but the Ranger has an understated, consistent tooly vibe I really like. Having said all that, I have been wearing the Rolex almost every day since I got it. ๐Ÿค” Btw, the Explorer "40" is actually a bit under 39mm, so they are the same size.

Lbakken commented on Happy Watch Crunch FATHERS Day ! ยท

That's super sweet

Lbakken commented on AR Coatings On The Outside ยท

I used to worry about that, but I have since accumulated several Sinns and Omegas with coating on the outside. Hasn't been an issue.

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