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New Omega Bond Watch for the 60th Anniversary

So, changing out some of the things people didn’t like about the NTTD, bringing back some nineties styling, and a lower price tag. What do people thin...
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Pagani Design 1667 Photography

Since I took some Macros today of my daily wear watch, and it’s had a few wrist shots for the daily gallery, I thought I would put them up here all to...
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Sort of new to watches, sort of not…

Accidental watch collector, in the sense that once I got into watches via things like YouTube during the pandemic, I had a rummage and since I hadn’t...
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JaimeMadeira commented on Best Watch for My 10yo Daughter? ·

Lorus do a few (Seiko brand) that are plastic and smaller for kids, makes them lighter and easier to get used to. The exact model I would recommend isn’t available anymore, but I found this:



and this is basically a childhood staple for learning to tell the time:


JaimeMadeira commented on Help finding a strap for my grandfather's Bulova Accutron Quartz watch (17.5mm lug width) ·

Given it tucks under, maybe consider filing down an 18mm? Or cutting a leather one carefully to fit? At a pinch, curved 18mm spring bars and a black or brown perlon strap might work.

JaimeMadeira commented on Beef between Britt Pearce & Oisin O'Malley ·

Well, whatever he knows about watches, he don’t know much about Vicars. On the other hand, it puts Britt’s ‘pope-tier’ stuff in a more uncomfortable place, because she ain’t Catholic if she’s a vicar, and that’s a whole other uncomfortable can of worms.

I don’t much care for either channel, but I have sat through a lot more WatchGringa vids than Oisin’s ones. 
So I guess I find neither of ‘em that great, but her the lesser of two ‘meh.

I’ll stick to the TGVs, the Jody’s, the mad men with curly hair, the Jenni’s and the Adrians et al. And Watchcrunch, naturally. 

JaimeMadeira commented on Brands that value their customers ·

Tell Harrods about their spelling mistake — maybe they will give you a discount as thanks. :) 

JaimeMadeira commented on Weak during Black Week ·

It reads nicely left to right, and if they were different colours rather than shades it probably would unbalance — but it works. 

JaimeMadeira commented on New Omega Bond Watch for the 60th Anniversary ·

There was a livestream by The Bond Experience on YouTube, when it was launched, and it was popping up in chat every few seconds. 

JaimeMadeira commented on Weak during Black Week ·

Nice buy — I particularly like the variation between the colours on the sundials. Unusual.

(I bought my sister a G-Shock on the same islands twenty-plus years ago. She’s killed it, as hair-dye is bad for them. Who knew.)