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Why I haven’t been posting anything lately

Time is precious. That’s why we measure it. Hours, minutes. Days, years. Moments. That’s my Father’s Day watch in the photo as some of you will know....

Public Service: Weird site issues…

Every now and then, people I know I have followed show up in ‘top contributors’ etc, but… it shows I am not following them. So I re follow. Then… time...

I *really* was cleaning some old stuff of my family’s, and…

Look at this little treasure trove. All my Dad’s or Grandad’s… More info to follow, I know the Trafalgar LED is from about 1974, and the batteries app...

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JaimeMadeira commented on Brushed metal scratched by nail !? ·

What you want is these, and a careful hand. More precise than a scouring pad (which is often the wrong grit anyway) and a more elegant weapon, from a more civilised age.

Oh, and do mask off the polished edge with scotch tape or electrical tape. You may still have to use the cape cod on that bit carefully afterwards.

Set x 3 brass steel & fiberglass Scratch brush pen removes rust scratches https://amzn.eu/d/iYaQfPU

JaimeMadeira commented on What do you think of my new logo design? ·


Too Tyrell Corporation

JaimeMadeira commented on You Don't Have To Hate Nato Straps Anymore 🤝 ·

Add a popper, two poppers, or Velcro instead of stitch. Solved.

JaimeMadeira commented on Why I haven’t been posting anything lately ·

Thankyou so much to everyone for your kind words and messages of support. I am … touched and amazed at how many, and when there is time I I’ll go through them all and add emojis or what have you. I have told little man he has the whole WC behind him basically, and I think it brought some cheer for sure.

JaimeMadeira commented on What's your most accurate movement? ·

NH35 common or garden Seiko movement

JaimeMadeira commented on Serious question, when is it a “homage” and when it is “just fake”? ·

Swooosh swooshhh hear me skate.


And if you really can’t spot the difference between these and an Omega, then Specsavers beckons.

JaimeMadeira commented on What's your most accurate movement? ·

Orient Mako is -2 on wrist, +8 face up on side.

Pagani Design 1667 came in at -1 to -1.7 on wrist, and think it was similar when left alone, but I don’t really remember.

This is from recording daily in an app, not using a timegrapher. There’s a timegrapher screenshot for them somewhere on my posts… worst case, I want to say one was -7?

Anyway. Pretty accurate.

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Orient has officially launched in the UK

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Orient Watches UK Official Website | Japanese Quality Watches Since 1950


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