Need Feedback on this.

I have been looking at this Hamilton PSR Digital watch. It looks really cool to me and has a ton of history behind it but idk if I want to spend $600 plus on just a digital watch. I鈥檓 leaning towards getting it but just want to know what everyone thinks. Thanks!


I think it鈥檚 cool, but at that price it鈥檚 just a no go for me.

That would not be my first choice, but we all like what we like!

I absolutely love mine!


$600 on a time only digital is a no from me... I just don't find it interesting enough for $600.

However, it's your finances & wrist. If you like it & can afford it, don't listen to us.

Just get one of these to scratch that retro itch and put the money you saved towards another watch:


Nothing wrong on spending $600 on a watch, but have you considered how it fits in your collection and how many wears per week are you going to give it? How鈥檚 the cost per wear going to be?

I always think of it this way:

Do you like it more than $600?

Because few, if any, watch is worth the silly prices we pay for them, except we can afford it, we like them, and they're pretty.

Was my Jaeger LeCourtre worth $11,000? Nope, but I saved up for it, i liked it and it was pretty.

I wanted this watch since I saw Roger Moore wear it in Live and Let Die, however I couldn't justify paying that for a digital watch. I still needed to get it out of my system, so I wound up buying the Armitron Griffy which has the same look and vibe. It was enough for me to get it out of my system, for under $40


If you like it and have the funds I say go for it. I like the vibe it gives off.


If you like it and have the funds I say go for it. I like the vibe it gives off.

Griffy baby!