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20x the price. 20x the watch?

My Seiko 5 SNKL23K1 made me discover the world of GADA watches (although it is strictly not a GADA, we'll get there in a second). Smaller cases, which...

NWA: “Honey I killed my collection”

The ultimate Go Anywhere Do Anything watch finally on my wrist after months of research, consideration and market monitoring!! My first true Luxury wa...

Two in the Roll, One on the Wrist - Episode III - A Christmas Special

It’s the holidays and for many of us living far from our families, it’s time to go back home and spend some days eating and drinking a bit too much an...

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commented on Sea of Clouds 🥰 ·

Ah, a glass caseback is really the only thing my quartz GS is missing. I’d love to see the movement, as even though it’s quartz, it is beautifully finished!

commented on Sweeping second hand quartz watch recommendation? ·

Watched earlier today a review on this high beat quartz VH31-powered Addiesdive: https://es.aliexpress.com/item/1005005849900637.html. It looks quite a solid option, but the logo is jarring on this dial…

commented on Sleeper Watch ·

Formally not part of my collection, it’s my dad’s “good watch”. We don’t see too many Bvlgari here in WC, so I’m happy to rep it here.

commented on TekindusT's WRUW ·

Thanks! 😃

commented on SamSam's WRUW ·

That’s the exact same model that started my watch obsession! Enjoy!

commented on What style of watch do you just don't like? ·

I know, really beautiful design objectively, but I’m not a field watch lover, nor a cathedral hands lover at that. But I do like the combination of the big functional grooved numerals with the elegant day date complication in the Cooper watch better.

commented on What style of watch do you just don't like? ·

Field watches and fliegers are really not for me, except the Hamilton “Interstellar”, that’s anyways too damn big for my wrist.

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State of the Collection 2023

It's that wonderful time of the year... the moment to see everybody's SOTCs and to look back to the year and to be excited about what's to come. It wa...

NWA: Party like it’s 1963

I wasn’t planning on getting anything during the AliExpress 11.11, but then I remembered I like mechanical chronographs. The Seagull-powered Sugess wa...

Two in the Roll, One on the Wrist - Episode II - Spain

Second episode in this series of posts. I enjoy thinking of the watches I’m going to bring at a particular long trip, and the functions each watch wil...

Super late to the CasiOak Mod party but…

Not really a new watch by any means, but this mod means that I basically bought a new watch. My G-Shock just became my full-time “fun watch”!

Looking for a CasiOak mod kit. Recommendations?

I’ve done a bit of research about what do I want for my G-Shock. Looking for the stainless steel bracelet kit + an optional rubber strap for variety....

Two in the Roll, One on the Wrist - Episode I

Being more than heavily inspired from the “What’s in the Roll” series from Just One More Watch (can’t find his WC handle, does he have one?), I decide...