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Porthole pushes the parameters #1…

If you are a Porthole fan (and who wouldn’t be, he’s soooo dreamy ❤) you may recall my New Years message . My desire for all of you, whatever you wear...
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The joys of vintage #408 - that’s not an Everest…

… this is an Everest. behold the Poster-boy for the Everest: the A408. This was a very, very lucky find. I paid not a lot (sub £100), which for vintag...
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The perils of vintage problem solving with Porthole #1… when the content becomes more contrived and the watch just doesn’t sit right…

Chris is mashing up series now is he? The Porthole/Chronotriggered cinematic universe is in its seventh cycle and just scraping that barrel. Well… you...
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Porthole commented on The “Original Field Watches” (An Opinion Post). ·

Yes, the Cyma/Tavannes movement is pretty advanced for the time, and yes, it is funny how little protection was seen as a requirement for watches that were basically going on the frontlines. The Cyma WWW is pretty impressive as well. I have a few Cymas in the collection, and all of them are very handsome.

I am an AS fanboy though - anything they make seems to be incredibly reliable for me, and long may they stay that way.

The prices are slowly increasing, similar with CWC G10s. I think they might plateau though, despite the limited availability as the ultra-desirable pieces are the 6B/159s (Weems and non-Weems versions) and the WWW. These will always be the unappreciated workhorses who did the heavy lifting; it’s why I prefer them to the WWW.

Porthole commented on Love, Death and Rolex: Why buying a Rolex could save your life! ·

That’s the signal… to the grumpmobile!

Porthole commented on The “Original Field Watches” (An Opinion Post). ·

I am partial to a pre-1955 Enicar (avoid later models as (a) I’m not made of money, and (b) too many franken-Enicars on the market). I quite like their ATP as it’s full stainless steel rather than plate, and it’s one of those with the thinner, stencil-style numerals, which I prefer. The AS 984 is a solid movement, but I know I overpaid for this considering the sum of its parts (but then again, it was less than going market rate for an Enicar ATP at the time). I have a 1940s Waterproof watch with the same movement I picked up about a week before for about 1/7th of the price, ATP-inspired not issued, and it’s equally handsome. To be brutally honest, it’s one of about 20 of this style I own so it barely gets any wrist time; it’s fair to say I have a type.


If you want another OG field watch, I’m still wearing in my A408 at the moment. This was a dirt cheap, very lucky find. You are in my zone right about now. My default is 40s-50s field/military-inspired Swiss jobbers.

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Porthole commented on Do people actually like Richard Mille? ·

And a Ressence Type III uses an ETA 2824 in a 40k watch. It’s all relative, and it’s all hate - it’s boring to read.

Porthole commented on Do people actually like Richard Mille? ·

This is all true, but apparently that’s not what people care about, they just want to look cool and insult something they can’t afford.

see also: Hublot

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Just… stop… and that’s about it from me

As we hurtle at speed towards the heat death of the universe, I always look forward to seeing what nonsense invades my inbox to pass the time until ei...
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The Perils of Vintage #81 - or… because sometimes the Universe just hates you

Do you ever feel like you’re done? Mic-drop, up-middle-fingers, walk off stage done? Scorched Earth? You do everything right - you source a decent sel...
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Chronotriggered destroys watches... #10 - this time it’s personal

No intro - straight to business. #10. Let’s roll… I’ve tried to keep a level-head throughout this series. Even when I absolutely detest a watch, I’ve tried to be fair. This time, off the bat, hand on...
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The perils of vintage #239 - or… when Chronotriggered doesn’t follow his own advice

Pop the back. Never buy without seeing the movement. Buy the seller not the watch. Own rule - no more fixer-uppers. I‘ve imparted some vintage knowled...
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Problem solving with Porthole… #1 - can you spot the issues with this quartz diver?

It’s sad when a brand you like drops a clanger. Tell me how long it takes for you to spot the two major issues I have with this watch… Edit - answers...
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Through the Porthole... #2 - Talis

I said I might not, but this was already half-typed in a Word document, and my love for this watch surpasses most others. I know I have a type (30mm 1...
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Through the Porthole… #1 - Hales

<groan> more Porthole/Chronotriggered content, just what we didn’t need. It seems odd to review a vintage watch, I mean, what does it have to pr...
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