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Montblanc releases a mono-pusher chronograph with movement visible fromfial side Another new chronograph from Montblanc. Now you do not have to take your watch o...

Montblanc releases a chronograph with no “pushers” What do you think of this way of controlling a chronograph? As a side I think it...

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commented on Zelos Aurora Mosaic MOP vs Boldr Venture Green Star ·

I think the Zelos is the better looking watch. And I believe they hold there value pretty well.

commented on Montblanc releases a chronograph with no “pushers” ·

Exactly, I am surprised the Montblanc releases have not gotten more attention. They are doing some interesting stuff.

commented on Pool watch … ·

That is the perfect pool watch, it screams summer and water.

commented on MontaWatchClub's WRUW ·

The more I see this watch, or Monta in general, the higher Monta climbs on my latch wish list. The one used one I got to try on seemed like a solid watch.

commented on Evening watch switch up 🔄 ·

Rarely do I swap out my watch of the day. Holidays are the usual exception for me as I will often wear my grandfather’s watch for the family meal.

commented on Cars & Cigars ·

I know it was the season opener for the event.

commented on AdamWucher's WRUW ·

What a classic. Still a good looking watch. Glad Grand Seiko continues to make this watch. A good corner stone for the brand.

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Timex releases a new Ironman watch

Timex has released a new Ironman watch. Not sure what I think of a non-digital Ironman. What about you?

Some cool old Omegas I got to see at a local pawn shop today.

Got to try these on an talk about “top” heavy. Did not ask about price nor model specifics but I believe they both have the caliber 1040. They are not...

Let’s see your watch related hat collection.

I realized today I have gotten a collection of watch related hats. Who else has them? Let’s see them!

Cornell Watch Company 1870 CE raffle

Looking for a low production number US based watch? The Cornell Watch Company has a raffle to buy one open. They partner with RGM on the movement, I t...

New badge to earn - Tsao Baltimore

I see we got new badges today. I am glad to see that there is now a Tsao Baltimore badge to earn. I would have thought I was closer to earning it than...