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Junghans Max Bill Mega Solar

I bought this little guy for my father in law for his 60th birthday. I'm very happy that he's wearing it daily, it's almost a year already. I felt qui...

Review of Seiko SRPG37: one year of ownership

I would like to share my experience with this entry-level field watch that I've owned for exactly one year. Deciding to buy a mechanical wristwatch to...

Seiko SRPG37

3.4 Avg. Score

[NWA] I think I'm fine 馃

After a year of nonstop wearing of the field style Seiko SRPG37 a decision to upgrade was made. SRPG went on Chrono24 and this piece arrived today. Ha...

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commented on I think I've found my daily diver

At first glance it looks like a Fujitsubo with a different dial. Very simple, and at the same time, balanced design, which is not trying too hard. Very nice watch. Citizen is putting out one nice watch after another.

commented on First and hopefully only purchase of 2024!

A timeless elegant design! Nice watch, enjoy it!

commented on Regrets, I've had a few...

I will not add to the sellers remorse part of the question, but I'm seriously looking at AT8285, haven't you thought about that model? That way you can have a very similar watch while not rebuying the one you sold. Btw, how did the Duratect coating hold up? @TimeParatrooper @TimeCop

commented on Have you ever sold a watch?

What about people?

commented on La Joux-Perret G101 Inaccuracy

You'll certainly see it, just give it a try.

commented on Is it risky saying no to your Rolex AD ?

Don't buy stuff you don't want. (And don't reinforce the Rolex AD's dirty marketing practices)

commented on La Joux-Perret G101 Inaccuracy

And you can do it with your phone! Check out the 'magnetometer' app.

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Can the lugs be drilled additionally?

Can a non-drilled-lug case be drilled as an aftermarket mod? Can it be done perfectly, professionally so it does not look like I did it on a bench at...

Thinking about this obsession

This Christmas I got this absolutely beautiful black leather Stowa strap from my GF. I think that it is even a bit too beautiful and too elegant for m...

Do you buy watches as presents?

Hi, do you guys/gals "force" this hobby on unsuspecting subjects? I mean, watch as a present for your SO is a normal thing to do, right? But what abou...

I admit it, I've been influenced

TL;DR: I just took this little Casio out of the box. I wanted to give a Casio watch a try, I've been very very tempted by the stainless steel model A1...

Seiko lumibright

Even on a cheap 200鈧 Seiko, the lume is kinda fun. The lume spots are small, but well defined with sharp edges. The other night, I woke up at 5a.m. an...

Perlon strap recommendations

Hello fellow crunchers, Do you have any recommendations on perlon straps? I like how breathable and comfortable that strap is, but I'm not exactly a f...