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Which one are you choosing?

Someone just offered you 1 of these for free! (Pic stolen from the net)
246 votes ·

Guess the watch

I really have no idea but I thought it would be fun to guess what kind of chrono Ron Swanson is wearing.

Monarte Watches in preorder stage now

These look really good. Someone here might like to know about them. I was impressed with the dial, indices, and movement.

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commented on The Vibrant Swimmer! ·

The shark fin in the water at 8oclock

commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 4: Lorier Vs. Orion ·

I understand. Functionally it is 100% inferior but a lot of people like the visual distortions and vintage vibes.

commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 4: Lorier Vs. Orion ·

Would you consider using acrylic crystals as an option? Just curious.

commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 4: Lorier Vs. Orion ·

Once I saw the hellcat I fell in love. It’s just such a classy build and fuses vintage design elements with modern build quality. I had to go Orion here. Lorier does an amazing job as well but I’m not really smitten by the designs as with Orion. I still plan on getting one.

commented on I Love It!! ·

Somebody finally did it. Cool.

commented on Are YOU part of the Alliance? ·

I am part of the alliance but I enjoyed your article. You make some very valid points especially how companies don’t show the side shot, lol.

commented on Interesting ·

Eh…no…I’m sorry. I’m not into it.

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Any Star Trek/Stargate fans in here?

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Shutup and Take my Money!

Oh wow! 🤩 An attractive Santos homage with a supposed miyota 9015 for only $100! This is like carrying a challenge coin with “Momento Mori” on it exc...

Wristwatch Revival Restores a Vintage Tudor

Another great watchmaking video from Marshall.

Longines Vintage “tank” style watch.

Here’s a Longines Vintage Square if anyone is interested. Seemed to be for a decent price. I like to share finds on here so someone can enjoy them. ht...

Post your favorite gold cased watch

They say “the older you get, the colder you get.” Maybe that’s why I’m starting to find warmer tones attractive. Post your favorite gold watches, eith...

Ignition in 3…2…1…

Thank you for volunteering for the New Mars Colony Project. Your endeavors will be paramount in constructing a safe and habitable colony for organic l...