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Omega Speedmaster Question

Hi. I was thinking of getting a used Omega Speedmaster with the Hesalite crystal and wanted to ask everyone that owns one how prone to scratches is it...

Elgin Pocket Watch

I found this about a year ago at a thrift store and I love it. I don鈥檛 know the model of this is or year this is from. Does anyone know by chance? Tha...

Hamilton PSR

I just purchased the Hamilton PSR and I love it but I am having to press the side button either more than once or kinda hard for the display to show....

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Manuelitoochentaytres commented on Cartier Santos - Medium or Large

I think the smaller one looks fine in the picture but I know that when I鈥檝e tried on a watch that was on the smaller side, it looks bigger in the picture that when I鈥檓 looking at it irl. Hope that made sense. I personally would go with the bigger one. It looks good on your wrist and the bigger size isn鈥檛 an exaggerated size like a 50mm or anything like that.

Manuelitoochentaytres commented on Omega Speedmaster Question

Where can I get the screen protecter?

Manuelitoochentaytres commented on Omega Speedmaster Question

I like to think I鈥檓 pretty careful with my watches. I don鈥檛 baby them but I don鈥檛 give them a hard time either.

Manuelitoochentaytres commented on Elgin Pocket Watch

Unfortunately I don鈥檛.

Manuelitoochentaytres commented on My 1928 Elgin back from the watchmaker

I have one too and I love it. I found this at a thrift store about a year ago. I need to take it in for servicing too. Hopefully I can get around to it lol.

Manuelitoochentaytres commented on Manuelitoochentaytres's WRUW

lol thank you.

Manuelitoochentaytres commented on Let鈥檚 see some green dial watch馃悽馃惛馃あ鈽橈笍馃馃獉

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Need Feedback on this.

I have been looking at this Hamilton PSR Digital watch. It looks really cool to me and has a ton of history behind it but idk if I want to spend $600...

Do you like Pagani Design watches?

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Vostok Komandirskie

Was looking at this watch on Amazon and it looks pretty cool. I鈥檝e looked at a few videos on YouTube talking about this watch but wanted to ask if any...

Is it ok to put a nato strap on a dress watch? 鈱氾笍馃

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Wearing my Omega Speedmaster 3210.50 to work. Thinking about getting a brown leather racing strap for this. Any suggestions?

Recommendations for watch strap

Hello everyone. I just purchased this Longines Conquest 43mm with a leather strap and I love It. I would like to get a metal strap for it but have no...