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Chronos14 ·

Digital … has it come of age ? I personally still love mechanical watches but digital is back on the menu boys

Digital or mechanical movements or both or either only ?
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DigitalDivider ·

Why my Armitron Classic Digital Alarm Chrono has replaced all my Casio watches as my go to daily beater

I recently did a post about this Armitron Classic Digital Sport Chrono becoming my night/bed time watch. As I have been wearing it more, I find myself...
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Mistermac ·

Anyone else love cool Casios?

Anyone else love cool Casios ? I do ! I have seven of these in different variations and some duplicates. 😂. Can’t beat a 20 dollar watch this cool.
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ottop1 ·

Is the "Royale" Worth It? - Casio AE-1200 Day One Review

The Casio AE-1200 is a watch I have looked at for a long time due to its design. However, I have always been hesitant to get one due to size concerns...

Casio AE-1200

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watchcollector1968 ·

Retro shot

Just a screenshot from an Alan Parsons Project music video. Pretty sure it's a Casio.
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CitizenKale ·

So close but so ugly

I just came across this Casio - it has all the internal features I need but the lug to lug is 53.4mm 😳 and those buttons are just so damn ugly. So I'm...
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ckim4watches ·

30k Apple Watch!? Is there a wait list?

This is hilarious 😂😂😆. Would you buy this? Obviously, it's a trolling attempt. But would you spend so much money on something that looked like an appl...
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CitizenKale ·

Digital titanium watches?

I want digital features like Casio but in a titanium case. The closest this this Citizen but the digital interface is overly complicated. This G shock...
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Bzilla ·

Timex Ironman Review

I've been wanting to try out a digital watch that isn't by Casio for a while, of course the watch had to be under 50 smackers, easily availble, and fr...

Timex Ironman TWSM9500

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SouthSlope.NYC ·

America runs on Bulova time.

Reminiscing over one of the cooler affordable releases from the final Baselworld ever to be held back in 2019… from the before times… from the long, l...
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