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commented on Would you rather gain or lose time? ·

While I generally prefer my watches to run a little fast, I don't mind (& sometimes prefer) a non-hacking movement that runs a bit slow. I'll just start off by setting the watch ahead & let it eventually slow down to the proper time, whereas I can always stop a fast-running hacking watch when it gets too far ahead.

commented on So what about this watch? ·

Actually, unlike the original P2, you can read the PSR's LCD display in bright light (though it's not high contrast); pressing the button activates the OLED that lights up for darker conditions.

commented on So what about this watch? ·

As someone who has 3 of the original Pulsars, I had to pick the original model w/the red display when it 1st came out. It is pricey, but, as others have pointed out, the build quality is great (good water resistance, etc.) & the movement is good, though not HAQ (high accuracy quartz) like high-end Citizen & Seiko. I'm not a fan of butterfly clasps, but that wasn't a dealbreaker for me. You do have to push on the button longer to activate the display than you do on the originals, which causes a slight delay, but that's the price of having the hybrid OLED-LCD display that's more energy efficient & works in daytime.

I like wearing it on rainy days, etc., when I don't want to risk damaging 1 of my vintage P2s.

I also have the Armitron & Bulova Computron (w/blue display), which are fun, too.

commented on So what about this watch? ·

I remember seeing that movie in the theater as a kid & thought it was the coolest thing. Afterwards, I asked my father if I could eventually get one & he just laughed (it cost more than any Rolex at the time).

commented on The reason Tudor decided to use METAS on the new BB58 GMT ·

I know Tudor wasn't going for a repro, but I think the lumed bezel is an overlooked & underrated feature of the original 6542.

commented on The reason Tudor decided to use METAS on the new BB58 GMT ·

If they were copying the 6542, they should have had a lumed acrylic or ceramic bezel.

commented on Do you shower with your watch on? ·

Heck no. I always have enough time to wash myself & watches separately.

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