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A pair of space-age reissues

If you're not having fun with high-accuracy quartz, you're missing out! These space-age buddies get a lot of wrist time. The Lunar Pilot Meteor only c...
Live or Let Die? Today's choice. 😂

Need Feedback on this.

I have been looking at this Hamilton PSR Digital watch. It looks really cool to me and has a ton of history behind it but idk if I want to spend $600...

Hamilton PSR

I just purchased the Hamilton PSR and I love it but I am having to press the side button either more than once or kinda hard for the display to show....
Wearing my Hamilton PSR today.
I've been obsessed with these for a while now, they are so cool especially when you look at the always on display then turn on the led display. I thin...
HAMILTON PSR Digital Quartz (H52414131) Case: 40.8mm wide; 13.3mm thick; 34.7mm lug to lug All Stainless Steel case and bezel (brushed); Stainless Ste...

WW’s Vintage LED Week #5 HAMILTON PSR Digital Quartz (H52414131)

I am closing out my Vintage LED Week with, until recently, one of my LED grail watches, the Hamilton PSR Digital Quartz. The PSR is part of Hamilton’s...
12hours later by night. #hamilton
Greetings fellow watchcrunchers, Welcome to the matrix world.✌️ #hamilton #fridaywatch #weekendwatch #gymwatch