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Mido Commander 8259 In Flight!

I took these last week but forgot to post them. This Commander looks right at home in the cockpit! Any other Commander lovers out there? Post up! And...

OG Integrated Bracelet Sports Watch (Octo Missilemaster)

I bought this a couple of months ago, but as it happens collecting vintage watches, it ran pretty poorly. So, I brought it to my WM for an overhaul. I...

Doxa Sub 1000T Military Sharkhunter

I purchased this brand new from Doxa in 2008. I never really wear it, so I have decided to sell it. The eBay link is below. Thank you! https://www.eba...

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commented on Mido Commander 8259 In Flight!
commented on Mido Commander 8259 In Flight!

All I can say is that a simulator wouldn鈥檛 require an $80,000 engine replacement!

I just had everything from the firewall forward rebuild or replaced. Total was almost $80K. 0 time prop, 0 time engine and all new accessories.

commented on Mido Commander 8259 In Flight!

I post them for time to time so stay tuned!

commented on Mido Commander 8259 In Flight!

That鈥檚 a lovely watch!

The cool thing about taking shots in flight is that even if they aren鈥檛 perfect, people cut you some slack!

commented on Mido Commander 8259 In Flight!

Thank you!

commented on Mido Commander 8259 In Flight!

Thank you! I鈥檓 just keeping it real out here鈥.

commented on Mido Commander 8259 In Flight!

Love that gold dial! And it鈥檚 a chronometer! Magnificent.

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Solar Saturday Submission!

Casio Oceanus S100. This thing wears like silk but outperforms steel! I have had it for years, but I can鈥檛 find a scratch on it. Even where the bracel...

Rolex 114270 Explorer

I have had this watch for about a year and a half. I鈥檓 only just now doing a post of it! I wanted the 114270 version as it most close matched my 2001...

The 2nd most interesting dial in the world?

As a follow up to my previous post with my blue face Golden Horse, here is the black radial dial version. It鈥檚 almost as interesting! A little flatter...

San Martin SPB058 Review

This is my 1st review! I chose to review this watch as it is a little known piece that represents an extreme value for money. Let me state that I curr...

San Martin SPB058

5.0 Avg. Score

New Vintage? Aquastar Model 60.

Yes, I have a passion for vintage watches, but some examples are just very hard to find. And even if you find a great example, they are so rare you ca...

After the hype, does love continue?

Although this watch isn鈥檛 vintage, I still love it. I bought it two years ago after the hype had settled down some, but still going strong. I love the...