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6.00” / 15.24 cm Wrist
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New Build!

My Black Friday haul was a number of parts for another build. Still practicing my skills, but I like the vibe of this one, eventhough I wasn't expecti...

Unfortunate Accident

Welp, I did it. I was attempting to regulate my SKX173 mod and my tool tapped the balance spring and it no longer runs! Looks like I'm gonna need to g...

The Black Friday Haul

Gott some really awesome deals from Namokimods for Black Friday and, while I wasn't intending on doing another project this year, I look forward to br...

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Chronologics commented on Show me your "Chr.Ward" logos! Or other versions! ·

I Don't have a CW but I so want one at some point. Maybe a 2024 pick up...

Chronologics commented on Current state of the collection ⏱️ ·

This is a really well rounded collection! I love the variety and the colors!

Chronologics commented on The lounging-at-home watch ·

Great watch! Can't ask for much more out of any piece!

Chronologics commented on I’m really diggin’ the new SUB 300β collection ·

Ooooo these are cool! Colorful and contemporary yet identifiable Doxa!

Chronologics commented on When 37mm is enough ·

Beautiful dial! This is one of the few pieces where "perfect" is as good an adjective as I can use for it!

Chronologics commented on Where to start ·

This. This 100%

Chronologics commented on Unfortunate Accident ·

True. It'll be a good experience doing it again so it's not the end of the world tbh

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Friday Night Lume!

I did some adjustments to the Recon. Here's a lume shot!

For Prospective Modders

Namoki Mods is having their Black Friday deals. Saved almost 50 bucks on some new parts! If anyone is considering trying out a watch build, now's a gr...

Proud of My Star

Thank you guys for reading and saving my posts! I appreciate you guys so much and love seeing the community continuing to grow and support each other!

The Next Build

After my first mod, The Recon, I have officially gotten into the world of modding and have begun planning my next piece. After considering what I want...

My First Automatic Watch

I opened my watchbox this morning and grabbed a watch that has been largely MIA this year. It was my first automatic watch ever, the Jack Mason JM-A10...

New Christopher Ward

There's a new CW release. It looks pretty cool. How do you feel about the "Celest?"