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Who watches Wristwatch Revival?

YouTube hosts a great site called “Wristwatch Revival” I think I’ve seen most of his episodes. Just now I started watching today’s release (Nov.23,2023) and noticed that the site had hit 115k views in...
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Happy happy new strap!

Today my new, and I think perfect, strap arrived for my Oris. I’m mighty pleased. As pictured, I prefer to use a butterfly deployant to preserve the i...

Desirable and affordable

I’m getting serious about this watch. The price is reasonable (I want the 39mm version) and the Laco I already own is a favourite. It’s the dial and t...

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Balanced commented on Best Brand for Leather and Rubber Wrist Straps for watches. ·

TUNS Leather online shop. Excellent!

Balanced commented on Balanced's WRUW ·

My pleasure!

Balanced commented on Balanced's WRUW ·

Oh, they’re very friendly! Just email them and start a dialogue. You’ll get as involved as you like with your watch: precise colours, hands, you name it.

Best of luck!

Balanced commented on Oris Big Crown 1917 ·

Great watch! It’s just a beauty.

Balanced commented on Watch strap too shiny? Will it dull over time? How long? ·

That’s your concern? You can easily get any strap you like.

Balanced commented on derekylee's WRUW ·

Absolutely the coolest watch I’ve seen in a looong time! 😎

Balanced commented on GoingTopShelf's WRUW ·

That’s a great looking watch!

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Max Bill today

This is such a cool watch (in my opinion) and I really enjoy wearing it. The numerals have a great lume on them. No, not the most intense lume, but sw...

Oddly compelled to wear this…

I’ve been wearing my 29r almost every day for about a week. It’s not really an ‘obvious’ watch to my mind, but I find it arresting and I’m glad to own...


Just today saw the first coin to feature King Charles instead of (for my entire lifetime until recently) Queen Elizabeth. The depicted coin is a $1.00...

New Propilot from Oris

This just popped into my inbox. It’s an effect achieved by laser. It has the 400 movement inside and costs around $7000.00. Hmm.

Muhle 29er today

This savagely severe and beautiful watch is designed for sailors who race yachts* referred to as “29ers”. It’s water-resistant to 100 bar, and has tru...

Muhle time

I love this Muhle. It obviously takes its design from the instrumentation that Muhle used to specialise in. Everything on the dial in exquisitely alig...