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New Casio release

Christmas gift to myself

I'm a loner, i do not get gifts from many people on birthdays or Christmas. So i usually save up and get myself something that I've wanted. This year...

Watching Copland 1997

Sylvester Stallone seems to be wearing a Swiss Army watch on a leather band. Not sure exactly which model . Just thought some of you might like this.

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commented on Sell your entire collection, buy one watch. But which one?

If I sold my whole collection I'd have maybe 300.00, I'd buy a Casio surf timer.

commented on What Other Things Do You Collect?
commented on What is your watch collecting strategy for 2024?

To not buy anymore watches馃し

commented on My most worn watches of 2023, with mathematical proof. (The Schwartzie Awards 2023)

The delfin is beautiful

commented on I need an aftermarket bracelet

You should have no problem with any 20 mm watch band you choose... jubilee or leather or rubber. It might be a little hard getting the original off, but watch some YouTube videos on strap removal and you should be fine.

commented on Just for laughs 馃ぃ

Im sending in my siticin asap

commented on Cuervo y sobrinos

Whoa, love the aesthetics of that!

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Ghost in the shell Citizen

My small, mostly broken pocket watch collection

Ive always loved old stuff, things from the past, #pocketwatches are a beautiful mechanism from a time long ago. The bottom one was given to my grandf...

No reason

Just wanted to post

Just ordered...

Roskopf spitfire, look at that detail. I'm in love with WW1 trench watches, and these Roskopft patent watches are amazingly beautiful.

New Casio release...

A fine pairing

My Citizen Garrison titanium with a Boker Kalashnikov