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Watch case query

Hey everyone. New watch guy here. I had a question in regards to watches and how you store them. I have seen cases like these before and was curious i...

Watchwinders... what's the point?

What's everyone's view on Watchwinders? Useful? Pointless? Easy to use? Don't know what I'm talking about? All thoughts here please!

Watch winders who uses them?

I got a free Wolf watch winder from my Tudor dealer the other day when I bought a new watch from them I have mostly mechanical watches but have never...

Are power reserves overrated!

Does anybody really care about the power reserve on an automatic watch? I know I鈥檓 a watch nerd and useless functions are cool to me. But an 8 day pow...

Do you use a watch winder?


Watches 101: Should I buy a watch winder ?

Hello everyone ! I now have too many watches鈥. Everyone was right鈥 watches are great. Being fairly new to this crazy watch world, I still have a lot o...

Watch care

Hi All, As I have gathered watches over the years it鈥檚 only really now that wearing different watches daily isn鈥檛 enough to keep everything ticking al...

Has anyone used Dukwin winders?

Does anyone have any experience with Dukwin watch winders ? I see that they have a mid year sale on, prices are cut by 30% with the code MID30. I've b...

New watch winder/box marketplace find.

Just thought I would share, got this new in the box from Facebook marketplace. I realize a box isn鈥檛 a good place for solar watches so they sit on the...

Keep Your Self-Winding Watch Ticking with a Watch Winder

If you own a self-winding watch, you know that keeping it ticking when you're not wearing it can be a challenge. That's where a watch winder comes in....