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State of the collection

For those curious to see most of the collection, this is it. One solar watch and one manual pocket watch are not featured, as the first is parked in a...

Do you use a winder?

OK, for those crunchers who own automatic watches (which I assume to be a fair share of WC members), I’d like to know how many of you regularly use an automatic winder? To clarify the last poll option...
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Any recommendation for watch winders? I found a few on Amazon - but most have mixed reviews. So, trying to get suggestion for something which is tried...

Electronic Watch Winders

As my collection grows I'm finding it more inconvenient to have to wind and set dates as I change watches almost daily. Are watch winders the answer o...

A pretty good solution if you own a kinetic watch

After wearing my dad's old Seiko Kinetic watch fairly regularly for weeks, I thought the battery was charged enough so that it would still run for a w...

If you're looking for a watch winder and like Ferrari

..I guess that you could do worse than this 🤣 So, what watches would you keep in this one?

Wolf 1834 Watch Winder Review

I bought my first Wolf winder, a single Roadster model about a year ago, and just acquired a double to match my original. This review will be a long t...

Wolf 1834 Roadster Double Winder with Storage ref: 457256

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Current setup/SOTC 2024

Considering the price of these winders on Amazon, they are quiet and get the job done. Only two more pre-orders inbound for 2024. Saving for my "Big 3...

Count your blessings and be thankful

A little over a month ago I started a new professional stage in Business and Sales, after an enriching stage as Digital Product Manager. It is for thi...

Any Recommendations for a Watch Winder to Wind Seiko Movement Watches?

Thanks in advance