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ashleigh ·

Any idea what kind of bracelet this is?

I’ve been looking to purchase another bracelet like this. It came on an early 80s Pulsar and I’m absolutely in love with it. Thing is, I have no idea...
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Owdlad ·


The purpose of this post is twofold. One to vent my frustration, and second to seek assistance and ideas. I have just taken possession of a Seiko Sary...
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Justgasitbro ·

Straps and bracelet recommendations?

I have absolutely no knowledge on where to get quality bands and straps for my Bambino (21mm lug width). I would appreciate any recommendations, thank...
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AllTheWatches ·

The Art of German (Over) Engineering - Sinn Edition

Like many of us, I have countless alerts when products become available and it is always nice when I can get a deal on something I was not actively lo...
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Watchme1 ·

What is your favorite summer strap?

It is never too early to prepare. 😆
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DillanR ·

Need bracelet options.

I have a Hamilton khaki field automatic 38mm, I would love to wear the original metal bracelet with it, but due to my small wrist I can't get the orig...
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Watchme1 ·

Comfortable Straps

I like to change straps on my watches often, but I am very particular about comfort. On many occasions I have purchased a strap only to find that even...
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WatchNova ·

Wrist Pain. Effing Why though?

++I have been wearing watches for about a year now, and ever since day 2 I have been struggling with pain in my wrist. My watch collection is still sm...
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Thaspectacular ·

How do you wear your watch?

I can’t figure it out the best way for myself 🫠
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Watchme1 ·

How often do you replace your spring bars?

A while back I got into the habit of replacing the spring bars on my watches once a year in January. I’ve never had a spring bar failure but I do swap straps out quite a bit so I figured it is the pru...
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