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6.30” / 16.00 cm Wrist
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More like "Watches and Blunders," amirite?

Winners? Losers? Were you hoping for something that didn't get released, or did a release surprise you? Did you like this year, or was it a "meh" for...

NWA: My Bel Canto has arrived!

It even matches today's light blue scrubs. First impressions - it wears much smaller than I had expected, which is very very good. I'm too enamored wi...

I finally got the call!

No, not actually *that* call, the other call: my Cielo Bel Canto is finally ready to ship after nearly a year's wait! I ordered it on the bracelet and...

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commented on An Unconventional Artefact ·

Feels like a GADA version of a #cartiercrash. Interesting design.

commented on Bremont redesign ·

Bremont used to be a brand that had a few interesting watches that were overpriced.

Now it is a brand without any interesting watches that are still overpriced. #Progress

commented on Excited to see the new Rolex release for 2024 ·

A Deepsea in yellow gold? That must weigh a ton!

commented on New CW arrival ·

Excellent choice

commented on Bell & Ross Racing Bird ·

That's a really fantastic color combination, I never saw that release before.

commented on NWA: My Bel Canto has arrived! ·

It wears really nicely. The bracelet is impressive: on-the-fly micro adjust with multiple half links. It's impossible not to get a good fit. The titanium is light, but with enough weight to know that it's on your wrist. The case is superb and sits flush, and while caseback to the top of the glass is 13.3mm by my calipers, the actual case is just a bit over 11mm, so it's actually not as tall as I was expecting. The only measure to be aware of is the L2L with male end links makes the "real" measure a bit over 50mm, which for me is pushing it. But it's so comfortable, I'm just not noticing that.

commented on NWA: My Bel Canto has arrived! ·

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