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Any favorite type of bracelet?

According to that recent pool, it looks like the majority of us prefers the classy bracelet to keep your watch around your arm. Question is, do you prefer any specific type of bracelet or isn’t that s...
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NATO straps.......

I really don't like NATO straps. So here's 32 reasons below, why I don't; So there you go, 32 compelling, irrefutable reasons why I really don't like...

Too many straps

Everytime I buy a watch I immediately look into after market straps. And so I've got a box full 99% of the time I revert back to the original, because...

What’s your favorite strap pairing?

Hey, fellow Crunchers what watch + strap pairing makes you excited every time you look at your wrist?
My Tudor FXD and the new strap from @hawkrigger 👌🏼thank you

What is your favorite and go to strap type?

Which is the most comfortable and also versatile to use watch strap that you probably own and use for pretty much any of your watches?
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Adding holes to straps

Hi all, I have some leather straps I would like to add holes to in order to get the perfect size for my wrist. I know there are tools to do so for bel...
What do you think of my Pro Diver on a yellow NATO strap?
Still the ISL54 but it has changed outfits. Have a great day!

Get lost in the maze of handmade leather watch straps.

Someone please show me the way out 🤩