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I Once Again Summon the Council of WatchCrunch!

Good morning fellow Crunchers and thank you again for heeding my request to gather. Your insights and wisdom vis-a-vis the Minase vs Hermes vs Studio...

Do you wear any accessories?

Do you wear any accessories besides your watch? I’ve taken to wearing a gold ruby pinky ring and gold Cuban style bracelet. I’ve also upgraded my neck...

Watch related “ish” accessories

Hi Guys I’ve noticed that the further away some of us go down this hobbie, things can start to get out of hand. Please show me your watch related ish...

All about the stones

For those of you who are into stone bracelets, I’m all-in, designing my own and going deep. This is my newest design featuring four stones: malachite,...

Watch Wearing - Above or Below the Wrist Bone?

Curious where everybody wears their on their wrist. I have always worn it below the bone. Just seems to be more comfortable, but from what I've read I...

Must have accesories for your watch?

What are some accsories that you think are good to have as a watch collector? Personally, i have a digital vernier caliper that i use to make my own m...

Do you *actually* use your watch case?

Title says it all. I try my best to use my watch case. Truly. But I'll use one watch then the next then the next and I can't be fucked to put them bac...

Watch accessories?

Im going away on the boat and tenting on islands during vacation and thought adding a compass to your watch seemed like a brilliant idea. After that I...

Wrist Accessories & Schwarzkopfing

So a situation has arisen... one I did not anticipate. I usually wear both my fitness tracker & my normal watch daily; one per wrist. Gonna be goi...

Watch collecting or maybe not (?)

Hey all, i recently had a thought and wanted to share as well as get your opinions on it. I barely consider what I do to be collecting watches, obviou...