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Watch pick - for my trip to Goa, India

…Goa is one the most popular seaside tourist destinations in India. I picked my Aqua Terra for my 5 day trip. It has 150m WR, so why not?

Omega Speedmaster Reduced: Need some suggestions…

Hi Crunchers - I’m in need for some suggestion… I have a small wrist and the Onega Speedmaster is a bit too big for my wrist. So, I have been ponderin...

Which Seiko is this?

I know it is an Alpinist. But I have not been able to locate the reference/model number. Any help will be appreciated!

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commented on State of the collection (so far) ·

Lovely! Is that speedy on a blue strap? Would love to get a better look at that if possible

commented on Room for two? ·

I don’t own either - but I love the patina look of the BB58 compared to the other one.

commented on avrachatterjee's WRUW ·

Oh! You will love it for sure

commented on Rolex explorer 2 options? ·

These are all nice watches - but after going through a similar phase, I have realized that once I buy a watch which is a look-alike of a fav one…it spoils the charm of the actual watch which drew me to it in the first place.

Just my dad thoughts…at the end of the day, do what what makes feel good. There’s no right/wrong here

commented on Watch pick - for my trip to Goa, India ·
commented on Watch pick - for my trip to Goa, India ·

Morning along the water…

commented on Kurono Tokyo watch ·

OK. Would you be able to DM me some photos?

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Yes or no?

Been looking at this watch for a while now…can’t make up my mind to pull the tigger or not. Also not sure what a fair price for one in good condition....

What color strap to pair with my shunbun?

Since I got my GS Shunbun earlier this month, it has been the most worn watch. I love the feel of the watch and how varied the dial color looks in dif...

My first Grand Seiko!!!!

…a few days back I had asked for inputs on this watch as I was very close to making the purchase. I got it (SBGA413) last evening - and here it is on...

Before I pull the trigger on this…

Wanted to ask my fellow watch enthusiasts - is there anything else I should consider in the similar price band - before I confirm with my AD?

Can’t afford this…

…so reaching out to my fellow Crunchers to see if there is anything similar looking in a bit more manageable budget 😁😁

Buying from Chrono24?

Being fairly new to watch collecting - I stumbled upon Chrono24 and getting tempted. Anything to be careful about while trying to buy form this websit...