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Do you feel like watch media and influencers are shilling for the industry?

I have noticed that pretty much every watch influencer, as well as most of the watch media, is pushing the narrative that smaller case sizes are the next ‘must’ have / go to. I’m increasingly of the o...
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White Flieger, B type

My first Islander arrived today, and I’m really impressed! I’ve wanted to give this brand a chance for awhile. I was just looking for the right watch...

And now the failure of Rolex is complete.

So, I've never really been interested in Rolex. I prefer the Seamaster over the Submariner, for instance. Add the fact that Rolex watches are always o...

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commented on What to do with my fake watch? ·

Well, you can’t sell it legally (if I understand properly). So using it as a practice watch to take apart and rebuild to sharpen skills seems like a good idea.

commented on How many dive watches is enough? ·

The answer is 42. Alternatively, as long as you can afford to buy a watch another is never an issue.

commented on Hey watch people! I’m thinking about launching a new subscription RENTAL service ($60/mo), where you’ll get a mystery mechanical wristwatch from micro brands like Nodus or Baltic to try on. You’ll need to return it to receive the next mystery watch. ·

Doesn’t Breitling have a program like this? I don’t see people going for that, even where they will make you a deal if you decide you want to buy. I’d be concerned about loss/theft in transit, getting a watch that had an issue when it arrived (thus creating a potential nightmare), accidentally damaging it myself, or similar problems. If I was going to do this, I would have with Breitling.

commented on Rothwell VS Tawbury ·

My first watch box was a Tawbury, and I still like it. But when I got my Wolf winders, it didn’t match. So, I bought a Wolf box. But the Tawbury is still nice, and I did keep it.

commented on Do you hate the Apple Watch? ·

I can’t see hating the Apple Watch. It is a good product. But to me it’s more computer than watch. It doesn’t appeal to me, mostly because it is intrusive imho.

commented on Grand Seiko Movements - Which Would You Pick? ·

If I’m buying a GS, I’d want spring drive since it’s their innovation. However, it’s not a dealbreaker. To me, GS is as much about those incredible dials as movement innovation. Great watches, and I’ll definitely pick one up at some point.

commented on Another GMT tool ·

I have a few Ball watches, and like them. This one looks nice.

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Daylight Savings Time and watch collecting

So, one thing I decided awhile back was to use the fact that I had a pair of quartz watches in my budget sub collection to my advantage. I’m not sure...

Etiquette question

I have noticed that people do not tend to list watches for sale on the forum. I’m not against this, and am not interested in WatchCrunch becoming a market place. Now to my question, I am upgrading my...
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LEAST favorite date window location

Which of the common date window locations are your LEAST favorite for a date window on a dial. Feel free to post alternatives in the the comments.
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Date location on dial

Which of the most common places do you prefer the date location on a watch dial. I’ll list the four most common. But please feel free to post any other preferences in the comments.
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Selten Series 00.05 Review

I was preparing to not like this watch. Let me explain. I preordered this last August, and delivery had been repeatedly delayed. The delays had soured...

Selten Series 00 .05

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