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7.01” / 17.80 cm Wrist
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What's the one watch you bought that you choose as your only watch?

My current collection, sans gifts, has all been purchased since June, 2023. Woke up this AM and was hit, once again, with the thought of selling them all off except one. Of those I have paid for, what...
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Current setup/SOTC 2024

Considering the price of these winders on Amazon, they are quiet and get the job done. Only two more pre-orders inbound for 2024. Saving for my "Big 3...

2024 is going to be better than the last four years?

Me: 2024 is going to be better than the last four years. 2024: Hold my beer...
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commented on Vintage Watches with an evil past ·

Pure pseudo-medicine. If your "medical school" is in a strip mall and you can see things on an X-ray that Radiologists and Orthopedics cannot, your degree might be total BS.

commented on Vintage Watches with an evil past ·

This is the horological version of astrology and homeopathy with a bit of chiropractic thrown in for good measure.

commented on Watch is acceptable? (Genuine v Homage/Replica/Copy/Fake) ·

Yeah, haven't seen an "abusive" reply so far in this thread.

Being new to the internet is tough.


Anyone wanna' lay odds and bet on OP not buying another watch in 2024?

commented on A little video of the Watch Cave ·

I am not sure if am impressed or unsettled.

Is either amazing or creepy.

commented on Anyone Else Been Thrown Off Of WUS? ·

Don't be critical of a sponsored product at WUS. That's a sure fire way to get banned there.

commented on Watch is acceptable? (Genuine v Homage/Replica/Copy/Fake) ·

Not this crap again. Maybe search the subject before posting.

Counterfeits support organized crime, are theft of intellectual property/trademarks and their production and sale is illegal.

Cheesy, fake people wear fakes/counterfeits.

If you wear one and are proud of it, you cannot be my friend.

If you wear one and try to pass it off as real, you are a classless pretender who cares more about what others think than about being genuine.

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Problems with ManOnTime website?

Anyone else having an issue with manontime; getting "resource limit reached" the last two days.
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A five star review

What an amazing watch...

What SOTC 2023

What remains... Current watches: SINN 556 IB MONTA Noble Pink LE TRASKA Summiteer Black 36 SUGESS Chrono Heritage 442 Special Dial Thats it. Four watc...

SOTC-Winding down 2023

As of 11/12/2023... CURRENT COLLECTION: TRASKA Summiteer Charcoal Black 36  MONTA Noble LE-Pink  SMITHS Trans Global PRS-54 Salmon  SECOND HOUR Gin Cl...

New Traska Commuter Sterling Silver

Replacing my Sinn 556 IB with this new one.