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How do you like your steak cooked?

Have done the vegetarian thing several times and always felt better BUT the siren song of blue rare beef always called me back to the dark side. Well that and "all meats" pizza. Am older now and have...
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Thanksgiving meal...what do you eat?

It is Thanksgiving here in the States tomorrow. A day when we celebrate being thankful and try to ignore the fact that our European ancestors wiped out millions of Native Americans. Will be a plethora...
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RMALTI Brown Birch

Stupid name, VERY well done watch. Have owned at least three GS models, of which this is a homage. To the naked eye, the dial, indices and hands come...
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biglove commented on Your opinion on Varon Chiri? ·

Not going to ever buy a KS watch. Nope. 

biglove commented on New diver choice? One or the other or both? ·

Unfortunately, they are out of production for several years. 

biglove commented on New diver choice? One or the other or both? ·

Do yourself a favor...find a Mako II USA used. Better build than anything else in the Orient Diver line despite fact it preceded the Kamasu.

biglove commented on 3 watches total $5,000cdn here are my picks (retail prices) ·

$5K CDN is what, like $37 USD? 😳😝😂😘

biglove commented on Color of the Year 2023 ·

Sinn 556

biglove commented on Project Build a Camel - Round 2e - The Case Concludes ·

40mm max. Otherwise, I won't wear it. 🙏😢😂

biglove commented on Watches As Gifts ·


Chinese VCM from a generous fellow collector and friend 

HKEd Emperor diver from another watch buddy

Tudor BB58 925 from my wife as cong for a promotion. 

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These just in...

Winding down 2022, a year when I bought a whole new collection after cleaning house the last two years (sold/gifted 102 watches in 2020-2022). Pandemi...
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SOTC. Winding down 2022

Shifted back to affordables for 2022 since completed my 9 watch collection (Sinn/CW/Formex/O&W) that will go to my kids/grands when I take the dir...
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Steeldive Murph SD1940M

The watch I was wearing before I sized the Steeldive Murph was my Tudor BB58 925, so am likely being a little harsh in my first impressions of my firs...
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Promotion and a gift

Have been a RN for 32 years and have worked in every environment except surgery. Spent the last seven years in case management, answering to the CFO....
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The watch you wear when your son sings with Tim McGraw

Some of you know of my "dirt nap collection," the watches I have set aside to give to each of my kids and grandkids. Wore my Sinn 105UTC, which will b...
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SOTC 5.2022

CW C63 Sealander GMT blue Formex Essence ThirtyNine white Sinn 356 Flieger Sa Sa CW C65 Sandhurst-Series 2 CW C63 Sealander green Ollech & Wajs P-...
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The Final Five...

Will take me about 2-3 year's to pick up all five but these are what's coming. Then, MAYBE, something special when I retire.
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