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What’s up with WatchCrunch recently?

Anyone else facing the same issue I have with WC recently when the photos are either not loading or takes longer than usual to load up fully? It’s kin...

Before & After

Just got back the jubilee bracelet after a couple of days from the watchmaker. In the first photo, you can clearly see the stretch on the bracelet. Th...

A Bit of History

On my wrist today is a vintage Grand Seiko 62GS. This day-date model is the 6246 from the year 1967 (56 years old). Besides being the very first Grand...

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I hope not. Haha.😛

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Thank you! 🙏

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Thank you!🙏

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Thank you 🙏 @drcarter13 !

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Thank you 🙏 @ChiefIlliniwek !

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Rolex AirKing 5500 (Year 1975)

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Thank you

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Sports Watch

Here is another poll for today. Calling all sports watch enthusiasts out there, if you can only choose one of the following, what would it be.
116 votes ·

Your Watch Collection

I am just curious. How many pieces of watch do you currently have in your collection.
327 votes ·

Hard Knocks

Say your new daily driver just suffered a hard knock with a deep gash, whats your reaction?
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Would You or Would You Not?

A couple of days ago, I went back to the watchmaker to collect my 27-year old GMT. It was ready after a full service that included oiling, changing of...

Seiko is just not very good

…at making straps and bracelets. Take at quick look at all my Seikos and you find them in rubber straps for the divers and leather bands for the vinta...