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7.00” / 17.78 cm Wrist
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36 Vs. 41

A buddy of mine, got his wife a 36 Wimbledon. The right most is my 41 Wimbledon. After using it, she didn’t feel it suited her. He took it back to the...

Traveling Watch Shots

Something special about traveling and snapping photos with watches. They recall memories and heritage.

Classic Baume & Mercier in 2024

Before a family friend of ours passed away, he had actually written in his will that a pair of twins should receive this to remember him. Having looke...

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commented on angleechew's WRUW ·

Yours is equally beautiful

commented on angleechew's WRUW ·

Awesome icon sir.

commented on 36 Vs. 41 ·

Hahahaha exactly

commented on 36 Vs. 41 ·

Hahaha your guess is as good as mine

commented on 36 Vs. 41 ·

Cheers mate. Totally agree

commented on 36 Vs. 41 ·

According to my buddy, when you have old man eyes. It helps

commented on Cartier tank vs Longines Dolce Vita ·

Tank you very much

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If the World let you choose? Rolex Daytona

Say you get a call from your AD, and he says, "Choose your Daytona from steel to precious metals; what's your top pic?" As a Rolex fan, I was never really into the Daytona, as the Submariner was alway...
387 votes ·

Another This or That Faceoff

If you had both of these to use, which one would you use on your Tudor Tuesday? Tudor panda or reverse panda face off. Both are beautiful and love using them as daily GADA watches. Which one from the...
111 votes ·

The Explorer II faceoff

Which one would you wear if you own both? The black dial seems to get more wrist time but the Polar is my dream watch. Anyone else have two of the same dial and dealing with confusion? Watch crunchers...
514 votes ·

Breguet Classique

What defines a Classic Watch? First time I set my eyes on this 7147 I was so impressed by the font, dial, hands and offset seconds. Impressed doesn't...