buettner ·

New Baltic Tricompax In Good Company

Have really been enjoying the latest from Baltic, and will have a full hands-on impressions coming soon - but wanted to highlight some of my favorite...
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morganthedruid ·

Had some fun with the Wayback Machine today, Why don't you see what you can find?

Above are Rolex prices on Chrono24 page from 2013 found using https://web.archive.org/ which allows you to find captured webpages from our past. Below...
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AxelinhO ·

SOTC 08/2022

First watch box filled for almost 3 years now with "active" collection. Here is the acquisition order: Vuillemin Régnier vintage 18k Tag Heuer Aquarac...
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TimeyHands ·

Current collection - I think I am done... for now

Hi watch fam, I have reached a stage where I am very happy with the collection. So I thought I would share my state of the collection after 3 years in...
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nunoaugusto ·

Forstner Band on my AT

A few months ago I bought a new strap for my OMEGA AquaTerra. There are two things I would like to see better about the AT bracelet: 1) that it was al...
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C_on_G ·

Omega Reverse Panda vs Rolex Daytona Panda. Which would you pick based on look?

I am feeling the Omega more but what about you?
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Fernando163 ·

Wish List

If you could add any four watches to your collection what would they be? I know this has been done to death
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traeold1 ·

Want a pre owned Breitling/Omega w/ a cool caseback under 3k

I want a seamaster or a breitling superocean pre owned watch. I have a very small wrist but love the diver watches :( I want to spend 3-5k. Have a dat...
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Peter1234 ·

Omega, help identify model and is it worth keeping?

Hi is this watch worth keeping, it was repaired about 14 years ago and has never been worn since then. I know it’s at least fifty years old and either...
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JourneID ·

The incredibly beautiful 321 Movement!

As functional as it is beautiful. Has to be for me the ultimate Speedmaster from a technical perspective, and on just sheer looks! An incredible piece...
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