morganthedruid ·

Had some fun with the Wayback Machine today, Why don't you see what you can find?

Above are Rolex prices on Chrono24 page from 2013 found using which allows you to find captured webpages from our past. Below...
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buettner ·

New Baltic Tricompax In Good Company

Have really been enjoying the latest from Baltic, and will have a full hands-on impressions coming soon - but wanted to highlight some of my favorite...
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JourneID ·

The incredibly beautiful 321 Movement!

As functional as it is beautiful. Has to be for me the ultimate Speedmaster from a technical perspective, and on just sheer looks! An incredible piece...
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traeold1 ·

Want a pre owned Breitling/Omega w/ a cool caseback under 3k

I want a seamaster or a breitling superocean pre owned watch. I have a very small wrist but love the diver watches :( I want to spend 3-5k. Have a dat...
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nunoaugusto ·

Forstner Band on my AT

A few months ago I bought a new strap for my OMEGA AquaTerra. There are two things I would like to see better about the AT bracelet: 1) that it was al...
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UnholiestJedi ·

Speedy Tuesday? Gotta Get Prepared

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AxelinhO ·

SOTC 08/2022

First watch box filled for almost 3 years now with "active" collection. Here is the acquisition order: Vuillemin Régnier vintage 18k Tag Heuer Aquarac...
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TimeyHands ·

Current collection - I think I am done... for now

Hi watch fam, I have reached a stage where I am very happy with the collection. So I thought I would share my state of the collection after 3 years in...
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1969mustang ·

First Blemish

The first one hurts the most! But now it feels more like mine.
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Peter1234 ·

Omega, help identify model and is it worth keeping?

Hi is this watch worth keeping, it was repaired about 14 years ago and has never been worn since then. I know it’s at least fifty years old and either...
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