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AlbertaTime ·

1968 Omega 18k Constellation "C"

The strap is a buttery soft Horween shell cordovan and this is, hand's down. my most comfortable watch. Perfect weight and it feels like velvet on the...
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arkheii ·

Omega Constellation 35mm

Since getting my Seiko flieger and Longines Legend Diver watches, I couldn't shake away the need to get "just one more watch." Between the field watch...
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Architechnology ·

Haul from N.A.W.C.C. Rocky Mountain Regional

Hey all! It's been a while since I've posted, but attended by first NAWCC regional as an employed adult with money. What a dangerous rush watch buying...
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Flandericious ·

Just got this today!

I just bought this double signed c-case constellation from a fellow enthusiast. It’s my biggest purchase as of now, so I really made sure to have it t...
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unseenhero ·

Omega Days 2022 Thoughts

Hello Watch Crunch! Some of you might not be aware however today is Omega Days 2022! They've released a bunch of watches or updates to existing watche...
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Flandericious ·

How to slow a watch down?

My vintage has been gaining some seconds. It’s still under +/- 10 per day, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to slow it down other than bringing it t...
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Flandericious ·

Views on the vintage omegas?

I saw this listing for quite a reasonable price and it seems that it was serviced prior. So I really want to get it. The thing is, I’m not really fami...
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Flandericious ·

Need bracelet recommendation for Omega Constellation c-case (19mm)

I'm looking through the web for this, but can't seem to find a good 3rd party alternative to the original. any suggestions?
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ManthraMaximus ·

Opinions from the Vintage Peeps on Watchcrunch

Hello everyone! I have another vintage watch to ask for opinions from the good people of Watchcrunch. This is a vintage Omega Constellation F300Hz, th...
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Wrought ·

I got one of my grails!

Not what most people would consider a grail, but I've been searching for one of these silver dialed, all steel, 2nd generation Manhattan, automatic, O...
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