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This isn’t just a watch…it’s status…it’s power. 😂

https://youtube.com/shorts/ym6Fg9kByAM?si=twmB7vEf5DJY3n87 That’s why it’s King

Fashion Brand?

Hermes is not “primarily” a watch brand. But they do have some bangers. 🔥 Love my H08. Always have.

Rolex Watchmaking School (Tuition Free)

Hey, I remember a few weeks back there was a chap from Pennsylvania who wanted to become a watchmaker but couldn’t find a school (the one in PA appare...

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commented on Found this while browsing ·

That’s the mystery. They were well on their way to summitting, but disappeared until decades later. No one knows if they died on the way to the summit or on the way back. The camera was with his companion, Irvine, and his companion was never found.

commented on Found this while browsing ·

That’s if you don’t believe this got there first

commented on 🚨NWA🚨 I have been dying to tell you all this story ·

Love it!

I think I’ve been to that track (you can rent a Porsche and have at it)

commented on ImNevix's WRUW ·

Yeah. I think for the bund, it has to be designed for it. I like this one

commented on ImNevix's WRUW ·

I don’t like that many watches on bunds. Mostly because they look out of place. That one looks perfectly matched 👏🏻

commented on got_time_1's WRUW ·

You? wearing something funky?!? Never!

commented on How often do you use the chrono function in real life? ·

People…don’t try to justify wearing a chrono by making up some BS that you actually find it easier to use than the stopwatch on your iPhone. 😂

Just tell the truth…it looks cool and you like it.


I have no idea what all this means…I just like the dial and the pushy little things on the side 😂

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Omega just dropped 20 new Meteorite Dials!

I love (lust over) meteorite dials. Don’t own one (yet)…but these 2 are tempting Omega Constellation (photos from Omega site)

NWA: An appropriate watch for Speedy Tuesdays

Always wanted one - especially since attending Space Camp. But held off because it’s the cliche “collector’s watch”. Hoped the moonswatches would scra...

007 and danger

007 fits near the Caribbean Sea. I’m not jumping on his head though

007 has some nice Lume

The lume on this SMP is the real secret agent

With this watch…this is more appropriate than Whiskey

Watches and Martinis

Vintage Valentine’s Day

Vintage Rolex(es?)’s and a nice meal