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watch.yuk ·

Show me your busiest dial!

I personally prefer clean dial, don't even like a date window, ha! But I don't know why I fall for this Flighty. It's an amazing looking watch. Show m...
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watch.yuk ·

One Brand Collection - Seiko SOTC

3 watches that cover almost every needs: Seiko SNA411 Flightmaster: Air Seiko SARB043: Dressy Seiko SKX013: Sea Would love to see your one brand colle...
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Jojocruz ·

Seiko Flightmaster

Sometimes it seems this watch does not even have a crystal -- it is so clear, even though it's a mineral crystal.
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Robair ·

Top gun. No spoilers. Pilot watches.

Hey all, I had to wear this to the movie as you understand why. For anyone who seen the film there are some watches that all the pilots seem to be wea...
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MWC2020 ·

Seiko Watch Goals For 2022!!!!????

So here is my current Seiko SOTC!!! What am I missing bearing in mind I don’t wear dress watches! Hit me!;)
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CascadiaEDC ·

What's your favorite grab-n-go watch?

My Seiko Flighty joined me while out on my walk this morning. I wanted to catch the sunlight for photography, so I was rushing to get out the door. Th...
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fulllume ·

Seiko Flighty - sold, regretted, bought again

Last year I sold it in a scaling-down frenzy, seller’s remorse kicked in, bought it again. Not gonna leave my collection again! Too special and beauti...
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OlDirtyBezel ·

There’s a reason everyone has a Flighty.

Just got one and put it on the standard green w/ yellow stripe paratroop strap. I absolutely love it and can’t stop staring at it. I think this also r...
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CascadiaEDC ·

Finally picked up a Flighty...and LOVE it!

Ok, I see what all the hype is about with the Seiko Flightmaster. This is an incredible watch and still at such a good price. I paid just a little ove...
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Tezer296 ·

Seiko flighty

A busy dial for a busy day. On a watchgecko dpm nato.
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