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Time for Lego

It鈥檚 been sat since my birthday 馃コ last October, now with the Flightmaster on my wrist we begin happy Friday Crunchers 鈽猴笍

Sorry To Bump!!

Good morning Crunchers! A few days ago (more like a few evenings ago) I made a post about starting to get my Seiko Flightmaster collection serviced. I...

Any Seiko Service Technicians Here?

Good evening Crunchers! I'm looking to see if there are any reputable Seiko Service Techs here. I have some vintage Seiko Flightmasters that need batt...

The return of the King in Yellow

One of the better pairing in my collection is the one with the SNA411 and a bright yellow rubber band from Archer. It's a combination that never fails...

The happy watch

Of all the combinations and strap pairing that I tried with my SNA411 Flightmaster, this simple and straight yellow rubber band is the one that I like...

Usual Sunday Carry

I always remember to wear a watch everyday or else i'll feel naked and incomplete. 馃槄 Similarly, every Sunday I always bring a physical copy of the Bib...

What if Star Wars character wore watches? Part 1/5

Han Solo would wear the #Seiko #Flightmaster SNA411. #SeikoSunday Han is an ace pilot so he would need a pilot's watch. But he's also not a fancy guy...

Seiko Land, Air and Sea Hall of Fame

Marinemaster 300, Flightmaster and Alpinist.

So Yellow!

New strap on my Seiko Flightmaster. Something a little different here. I have another strap coming in the mail soon. I try to snag 21mm straps that ma...

Sunny side up

It's time to get bright and yellow again. I love to swap straps on my SNA411 Flightmaster because of how well it morphs and adapt to a new style with...