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Ghadis ·

Oris vs omega

I sold some watches and I have a bit to buy a watch. 2 options oris aquis gmt brand new or planet ocean (preowned) but 2007 model thoughts??
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watchesandespresso ·

My two Omega boys

After wearing both on Nato straps for a long time, I decided to put back on the original steel bracelets. The Seamaster looks very chonky but it wears...
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morganthedruid ·

Photos from the service of my Omega carried out in August last year.

I called in to the local Omega AD and enquired about getting my Planet Ocean serviced, they told me that it will be £500 plus the cost of any repairs...
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watchesandespresso ·

Omega Seamaster PO Chronograph - Ready to visit the family

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Lbakken ·

Planet Ocean

Well, I did it. I owe my wife a whole summer‘s worth of chores now! I didn’t realize Omega had a champagne, but I think the lesson here is to buy watc...
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Jaypiddy ·

Some of my most recent shots of my Omega Planet Ocean

I've recently taken to photographing my watches. Here are a few of the latest of my Omega Planet Ocean. What's your favourite watch to shoot?
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Acquaman ·

My First Grail Watch

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morganthedruid ·

I've got a load of really good straps for this PO but nothing can beat it on the bracelet.

I think I'm going to keep it permanently on the bracelet so going to look for a cheap old beater with 20mm lugs so those straps don't get mouldy
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celinesimon ·

First Watch, Last Watch, Next Watch?

What was the first watch you ever got? The last one you added to your collection? And the next one you have your eye on? My first was a Flik Flak when...
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ManuallyWound ·

What is your 'Long Honeymoon' watch? For me, it's the Speedy..

The Speedmaster Professional was THE watch. For years I read every article, watched every YouTube video, and pined for this watch. Advance the clock t...
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omega_fan63 ·

I absolutely love this Seamaster I found in my attic.. what do you guys think?

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mjalAQT ·

My first luxury watch

Just thought i'd share my first luxury watch on here. I bought it for my graduation after a lot of saving. What were all your first luxury watches?
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andypooo ·

Made a friend at the Twice concert

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Dosee7 ·

My Omega Seamaster Polaris GMT

I just got this today my first gmt but what you guys think of it history with polaris and omega ?
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profcomete ·

Lesser known space watches

Let’s talk about something different from the Speedmaster for a change. Yes, it was the first watch worn on the moon, and it is a fantastic watch. But...
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MWC2020 ·


In the hands up close and personal with 5 Speedy’s dating back from 1963 to 2021!!!! So much fun making it !
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harrisc852 ·

My 50th post on WC!

To commemorate my 50th post on WC, I am sharing the watches that are getting a bit more wrist time (and love) than the others in recent months. What a...
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