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unseenhero ·

New X-33 Thoughts and Opinions

Hello, Just wondering what is everyone's thoughts on this piece. Personally, I find it, as James Stacey would say, a deeply cool watch, however, the w...

Introducing – The New Omega Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer
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AlexMurphy ·

I went to try the Moonwatch and I was surprised by the Speedmaster 38, what a beauty!

Maybe you saw the post I shared yesterday about what watch to buy for my 40s . Many fellow users recommended the Speedy, so I went today to the AD to...
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doolittle ·

Omega Speed Master X-33 Mars timer

Fratello have the scoop here. And more on the Omega site. The problems of the Martian day being 39 minutes and 35 seconds longer haven't affected me s...
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Speedy77 ·

Would you take the trade?

I was dining at a restaurant recently with my wife, when I noticed the waiter checking out my Speedmaster. Eventually we chatted briefly about it and I noticed he had on the Grand Seiko Cherry Blossom...
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Velomax ·

Mission to the Sun

Giuseppe saw his friend Mario on the street one day and greeted him by saying "Hey Mario, What's new?" Mario said "I got a new job working as an astro...
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Speedy77 ·

State of the Collection 2022

Here’s my collection so far: Casio Databank Calculator Watch Nodus Phantom Sector Pilot Speedmaster 3861 Doxa Sub 300T Caribbean Timex Marlin Seiko 5...
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Wyndy1 ·

Best Strapmonster of all time?

Which is the one above all others? (P.S. took pictures 1&2 from Google…)
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Texans93 ·

Speedmaster Straps

Not sure if there is a strap these watches don’t like…the term strap monster had to come from Speedy!
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Fernando163 ·

Sapphire Sandwich

The 3861 movement is a thing of beauty
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ezpzCA ·

The Omega That Got Away

I’m a new Watch Cruncher—very happy to have found this quality platform to enjoy the hobby with fellow enthusiasts. WatchCrunch seems to me to be a mo...
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