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TomInJersey ·

Does Size Really Matter?

I recently added my first Panerai to my collection, and it got me thinking a lot about watch size. My conclusion is that watch collectors put way too...
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Drivenbywatches ·

Finding a new fit to my collection

So, I’ll have to start somewhat of a backstory here. I have been looking for a Tudor Pepsi GMT for over a little while now. I was saving up for it and...
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danie1 ·

Precious metal Speedmaster Professionals - What are your thoughts?

Hey guys, hope it's not just me who loves these.. The heft, the bling, the looks 🙏 Which is your favourite (including what's not on the list) and why?...
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Tumbleidly ·

Birthday present to myself

I bought this for myself, and it's so good looking. I bought it after watching the video from @Max and it fits really good on my small wrist 😊
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Percushon ·

Safe Queens???

So here’s the thing, I wear the watches I buy. I imagine I’m like many of you, in that I enjoy looking down at my wrist and seeing a little piece of m...
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DanCarter ·

#Speedy Frustrations

So, I LOVE my #omega #speedmasterprofessional and wouldn’t trade it for anything. One of my favorite watches! I have one frustration. #winding …….. I...
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NateDawg ·

They said it couldn’t be done…I got it at retail

Surprise purchase for me this morning. I got the mission to 🌎 (green) version. Don’t worry, I paid retail and not the crazy grey market prices.
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coaxial_thamuel ·

Will MoonSwatch owners "belong" in the club?

First off, I'm biased. This is to me the most exciting watch release in my lifetime. Anyone that has ever walked into an Omega boutique as a young per...
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doitforthedial ·

Have Affordable Watches Forgotten How To Have Fun?

The watch enthusiast community rightly defend the collectability of affordable watches but it's become harder lately as Seiko raise their prices leavi...
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Max ·

Worth it? My hands-on review of the Moonswatch

Is this the best thing since sliced cake? Or is it a piece of junk? I needed to find out myself. Check out the review where I talk about the moonswatc...
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