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Seamaster 2264.50.00 Flectogoodness. This piece is on loan from a follower while he checks out one of my new EB pieces. Hope everyone had a great week...

The best Seamaster?

Just a recent love affair with this seamaster lead me to take it in trade (explorer is sadly gone). So far this watch is striking, and the case is sur...

I know..I know, I said NO new watches.....Ooop's

I just stumbled upon this Omega Ryder Cup and you guessed it..I am an Omega fan and I wanted something a little dressier. I tried calling my local dea...

What would do if you won a dive watch?

Let's pretend you won a raffle. Your prize is a new dive watch. Cool right. Now you have to pick your prize. You have to pick one of these 4 models. The Rolex Submariner, the GO SeaQ, the JLC Polaris...

Quartz鈥o you own one?

Watch people seem to have an aversion to quartz watches. What is your reason?

Blue diver under $3,000. Omega Seamaster 2531.80 or Tudor BB58?

Hello, given the opportunity to only have 1 diver under $3,000 would you choose the Omega Seamaster 2531.80 or the Tudor BB58? This will be my desk diver, traveling watch, swimming watch, GADA! :) 253...

Vintage Omega at Work

I鈥檝e got my 1996 Seamaster with me tonight.. Do you prefer vintage or modern Omegas? I鈥檓 thinking about either trading this in or outright buying a ne...

12 months with鈥 Omega Seamaster Diver 300M

A little over 18 months ago my wife and I found out we were expecting! This led, understandably, to reassessing a lot of priorities and hobbies. I dec...

Does Anyone Own A Watch That's The Same Age As You?

This is my 26 year old OMEGA Seamaster Professional 300M

NWA: Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep 75th Anniversary Addition

There is no way getting around the fact that this Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep is Massive, but somehow I manage to pull it off on a 17cm (6.75 in...