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OCD towards my new watches...

Hi I am Joel and I have OCD... Everytime I have a new clothes, sneaker or watches (I bought for myself or someone gifted me.) I forbid myself to wear...

OCD heaven

The joy of having everything aligned. Perfection... 😹 I have five other three handers and none is up to this Duro - which incidentally is the less ex...

Strap addiction?

At this stage I’m actually unsure if I’m more addicted to watches or straps! In any case I’ve stopped storing (most of - there are some exceptions) my...

I Hate to Ask…

I hate to be gross, but I got into an argument with my wife yesterday and now I’m wondering if I’m crazy… Whenever I go to the bathroom, I take my watch off. I suppose I’m a bit OCD when it comes to b...
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Internal rotating bezels...are they the devil, Bobby Boucher?

Traska has fast-tracked to the top of my list of favorite micros. Bought all three available models that restocked a couple of weeks back. Next up would be the Venturer GMT. I SO SO SO love the appear...
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Watch Nerd Wake Up Call

I may not be into Rolex, Omega, JLC, ... but I'm pretty sure you can safely say I'm a Watch Nerd. I am constantly on eBay looking for dead vintage wat...

Watches and OCD

Hi everyone, I'm curious where the worlds between watch collecting/hobbying and OCD collide. As an example, I have obsessive compulsive tendancies which lead me to want objects or research ideas obses...
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A More Perfect Machine

Question for all my fellow Watch Crunchers: When you hack/set your mechanical or automatic watch, do you expect the minute hand to line up perfectly a...

OCD and watch collecting

To appease the OCD, watch collections must be, in total, only as follows: 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 24. Beyond 24, the OCD cares not what number you land on.
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On how many watches did you reset the date from 31 to 1 today?

For myself, the answer is 16. So I started wondering if that is normal (LOL!). I have more automatic watches, but they were not on winders or the date/time was already off, so why bother. 😜