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Seeking recommendations on a quartz analog

I’m looking for a quartz analog watch and would love some recommendations. I have tons of mechanical watches but only a few quartz. My laundry list of...

Does anyone else track their watches with an app?

Am I a statistical outlier? I like to track the accuracy of my watches using an app on my phone. It’s fun and interesting. I sometimes attempt to regu...

Is it pathetic that a watch cheered me up today?

Wasn’t down per se, was just feeling meh and uninspired this morning. Then I realized I was wearing a cool re-issue of a vintage Seiko and it made me feel better.
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commented on chronicasio's WRUW ·

Welcome to the obsession.. errr hobby!!

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commented on Pallet_Fork's WRUW ·

Classic indeed. 💯👍🏻

commented on Am I in the Minority?? ·

Hyped? Definitely. Worth the hype? I think so. 👍🏻

commented on benno1024's WRUW ·

The jokes never get old for me. Maybe just my weird sense of humor. I was going to post something like “My balls are made of stainless steel” as I do actually own 2 Ball watches. 😜

commented on benno1024's WRUW ·

Definitely 💯

commented on MikeShaw's WRUW ·

Very cool 😎

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Wearing different types of watches for every day of the week

O hai. In Max's latest YouTube video, he mentions "Flieger Fridays". I'm wondering what other 'watch days' watch people have named. How about "Microbr...

On how many watches did you reset the date from 31 to 1 today?

For myself, the answer is 16. So I started wondering if that is normal (LOL!). I have more automatic watches, but they were not on winders or the date/time was already off, so why bother. 😜
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Straps for bigger wrists

Do you have a big wrist? I’m looking for recommendations on where to get a comfortable fabric strap that will fit my 8.2 inch wrist. I bought a Barton...

Jack Mason Stratotimer Watch Crunch Edition

[ UPDATE: This watch has been sold .] I have this watch for sale. Let me know if you’re interested and we can discuss details in PM. I'm not looking t...

Good place to get leather straps for larger wrists

Hi everyone. I’m looking for suggestions on websites where I can buy decent quality leather straps to fit my approximately 8.3 inch wrist. Amazon does...

How many watches are in your collection?

I’m sure this has been asked before, but I’m curious. I feel I have way too many watches. I’m trying to scale down the collection. How many do you have?