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Watch Encounter

Had a cool watch encounter today… A guy I went to high school with owns a local fine dining restaurant. They were short staffed, so I picked up shifts...

2023 SOTC

With 2023 winding down, I think this is where I will end my collection for 2023. I’ve added 11 pieces to the collection this year, totaling 16 (one is...

Quartz Watches… Will They Last?

After reviewing the dominant portion of my collection yesterday, I noticed that 6 of my core 11 watches (the Omega is in another box) are Quartz. I di...

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Mike199 commented on Is it a grail watch or a status purchase ·

I first heard about Rolex when I was 14, and I assumed it was something only successful people can own.

When I was 16 I went to Switzerland and went to my first Rolex store. I loved many of the designs. I still do love many of the designs as they are classic and more understated.

Now, as an adult getting into watch making, I want one because of the movement. “By watch makers for watchmakers” I believe is the term that Marshall over at WristWatch Revival uses when working on a Rolex movement.

I’m planning to buy a DJ, and I also have either an Explorer I or an OP on my list. The only ‘flashy’ Rolex that I love the design of is a Daytona, but I’m a car guy and I love chronographs. The Daytona is one of several that I love the design of. There’s also a few vintage Rolexes that have caught my eye.

As with cars, I realize the stigma that wearing a Rolex may place on me. I drive BMWs, mostly from the early 2000s and older, because they are cheap to buy, reliable, and easy to work on myself. I realize now that BMWs have become a status symbol for teenage girls and frat bros, but there is a large network of enthusiasts who appreciate the engineering and how they drive versus driving them for the badge or status. I know that people like my father-in-law will judge me when I wear a Rolex, just as people like my father-in-law judge me for driving a BMW. I’ve just learned not to care - I know why I’m driving or wearing them, and I care not what other people think.

Speaking of my father-in-law… he always wanted a Submariner, he talked about it for years. In 2016 he realized an important business accomplishment and thought he’d celebrate by finally buying a Submariner. It took him over a year to buy one, because he was concerned with what people would think of him for wearing one. Well in 2019 we were skiing up in Vermont. Him and I were on the gondola with complete strangers - two men and four of their young kids - and after talking their ear off for half the ride up my father-in-law asked if they knew the time. While asking for the time, he pulled his sleeve up to expose his Sub, and exclaimed, “it says Rolex, but that doesn’t mean it tells the time better.” *CRINGE*

My father-in-law notices, and often comments on, what other people wear or what they drive. My wife does as well: we’ll go to dinner with friends and on the way home she’ll say, “oh did you see X’s Cartier bracelet, those are like $6,000.” I never notice. I wouldn’t know what a Cartier bracelet or Van Cleef necklace was if my wife didn’t point them out to me. Fashion, status, what other people are wearing, etc just doesn’t mean anything to me. I know what I like to wear, and what I like to drive. It’s sad when I see someone driving a Ferrari and I try to talk to them about it, only to realize that they don’t even know the size of the engine and that they only purchased the car to show off. Once in a blue moon I will notice a watch and it’s nice to strike up a conversation with a fellow enthusiast. But personally if I wear a Rolex I’ll be doing it for me, and I don’t care who notices or what they think.

I believe that the people who worry about what others think and worry about being judged… frankly it’s because they care about what others wear and the price of what they are wearing.

Mike199 commented on Is it a grail watch or a status purchase ·

That’s a stunning watch… now that’s another expensive watch on my list. Thanks for nothing 😜

Mike199 commented on Is it a grail watch or a status purchase ·

Status put Rolex on my radar as something I might like to work towards someday back around 2004 when I was 14… but status is not why I’d like to own one.

Mike199 commented on Would you use a watch winder? ·

If it was gifted by my significant other, then I’d find a reason to use it. I’d buy a watch that’s a PITA to constantly set,

Mike199 commented on Grail or exit? ·

I believe that part of collecting is the journey/hunt/chase. I don’t believe in a grail watch. There is no one watch for me that would lead me to sell my current collection or end the drive to achieve the next watch.

Mike199 commented on Gotta start somewhere! ·

They’re good for more than just a first automatic. I love my Orient!

Mike199 commented on Watch Encounter ·

Chronographs are my favorite watches, and yet I don’t have one yet. I’m hoping to change that in 2024. It’ll likely be years before I obtain a Daytona though.

And thanks! I love my Omega and have been very happy with it. Though I’m too afraid to wear it at the restaurant, so I bought a Casio F105 to wear at work. I’ve got to give props to my boss and his mom for wearing these pieces.

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