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Breguet Classique

What defines a Classic Watch? First time I set my eyes on this 7147 I was so impressed by the font, dial, hands and offset seconds. Impressed doesn't...

Just fun.... and "research" [pic for attention, but that's a beast of a watch]

Not posting a wordy request for poll, just interested in choices and maybe a few reasons. Both are competitive and seem dressy/classy, and offer value (may fill that space in my watchbox 🤔).
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Back home and the morning routine. Enjoy your day
B&M Capeland Retrograde for a lovely morning. Love the blued hands

Dipping my feet back into vintage 🤿

I fell in love with the dial and markers of this B&M. The fact that my Black Bay 36 is in for service probably had something to so with this purch...

What are our Crunchers thoughts on Baumé and Mercier

I work for an AD in Australia for a couple of watch brands. One of them being Baumé and Mercier. I’m kind of curious what the watch community especial...

Starting my Mid-Tier Collection Journey

A little backstory for myself. I’m 21, turning 22 right as we all age a year up once the clock hits 2024 and my birthday is right around the corner to...

Great movies with watches: Chicago Overcoat

Highly underrated mob movie Chicago Overcoat tells the story of an aging former hitman who is too old for what the world has become. Frank Vincent is...
Wearing this absolute beauty today. 18ct gold vintage manual wind Baume and Mercier with a unreal pantina
Long time watch. Sentimental value this one. On a Bulang & Sons strap