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Cartier Tank 馃嚝馃嚪

Calendar day 6 of 24 馃巺The grand dad of all fashion watches, loved by rich ladies, grand dads and fancy watch enthusiasts alike. Imitated by many but the brands unique history makes it special. Have th...
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Citizen Aqualand 馃た

Calendar day 5 of 24 馃巺 It's one of the most recognizable watches outside the luxury sphere. A unique and functional toolwatch from a big historic brand that moves untold units every year and are behin...
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Rolex Submariner

Calendar day 4 of 24 馃巺 A know silhouette. Imitated, admired and hated. A long running tool watch turned luxury timepiece. This is no stranger to anyone, so there is little to add to the videos, articl...
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mjosamannen commented on Watches in the Wild (Watching Watches on Holiday, Volume 13)

He was smaller than me, so it didn't take much effort or technique 馃き

mjosamannen commented on Cartier Tank 馃嚝馃嚪

The blackes out DLC Santos 馃敟 Don't get me aroused 馃槣

mjosamannen commented on Watches in the Wild (Watching Watches on Holiday, Volume 13)

Also, my quartz watches are also powered by my movement. The movement to work and afford batteries, the movement to go buy batteries and the movement of changing batteries 馃槣 How 'bout that?

mjosamannen commented on Watches in the Wild (Watching Watches on Holiday, Volume 13)

I don't know about "legend", but "classic" for sure 馃槉 Man, you see a lot of watches. Wanna se my watchspoting for the last little while?


Interesting right 馃あ? But did actually tackle some poor guy at the gym to the ground before cross examining him about his watch and letting him get back his biceps curls or whatever. But he wasn't a watchnerd even though I was suuure about it. Vintage handwind Certina on a bund strap?!?! He had it from his grandpa, strap and all...

mjosamannen commented on Citizen Aqualand 馃た

Nonono... Just an ana-digi from the same era 馃槉

mjosamannen commented on Cartier Tank 馃嚝馃嚪

Stunner 馃憣 Seems the SolarBeat is hard to find? It's a no-brainer when the Must quartz costs the same or more.

mjosamannen commented on I Did The Unthinkable 馃槀馃

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Casio F-91W

Calendar day 3 of 24 馃巺 Today's timepiece isn't high horology, but was a technological marvel at some point. One of the world's most sold watches and one of the models that have been in continuous prod...
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Panerai Radimir 鈽笍

Calendar day 2 of 24 馃巺 Today we are having a look at an Italian heavy hitter with real world military significance from WW2 and pop culture presence via action heroes like Stallone and Schwarzenegger....
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Grand Seiko Snowflake 鉂勶笍

Calendar Day 1 of 24 馃巺 One of the most talked about and well known GS watches. And arguably one of the models that gave GS a push towards mainstream and strengthened the brands status amongst us nerds...
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Holiday Calender Poll starting tomorrow 馃コ

Starting the 1st of december I'm gonna put up a poll everyday and let the people decide the status of some alleged classics of horology (and our nerd...
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Help!! Super slow/sticky bezel...

This was my first watch and now it belongs to my son. But I was wondering if there is a way to make the bezel a bit smoother. It's pretty slow and sti...
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Ready to tie the knot 馃懓?

I really think she is the ONE!! True, we have had our ups and downs. I wasn't her first, but that's not important to me. We had some issues a while ag...
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How important is lume?

Clearly important to some. While other lives perfectly happy lives with dresswatches, vintage or use alternative lightsources like the Casio crew would or Steven Seagal that has tritium on his Luminox...
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