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Can’t Unsee

My OCD is hurting . Show me your QC annoyances .

looks legit

Happens more than I cared to admit . Breaking another heart . A friend , knowing nothing of watches but the Name Rolex found this in an old dusty draw...

first one .

wifey watch making . She wanted a classic . For a first one and considering my handy skills i’m fairly happy with the result . Just a tad late for val...

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commented on Will Quartz ever make a big comeback in the industry? ·

there’s so many out there you should have unlimited choice for a lifetime of cool designs ! :) while most quartz will have longetivity and ease of care they will rarely get serviced as they are usually worth just replacing.( except high end ones i.e 9f ) For that reason , if I can make a unsolicited suggestion , i would buy seiko’s , citizens and the likes , likely to offer widely available parts . And avoid micro brands quartz offering You ll avoid paying to service a cheap movement for redonkulous money 10 years from now . On the flip side , micro brands usually offer affordable and built-to-last workhorses (i.e Seiko NH35 or ETA ) at a very affordable price .Last forever and easily serviceable . So it’s a good way to rip your toe without too much risk . But the ones offering quartz maybe expensive to service down the road or even replace should the need arise , Relatively speaking . Quartz for Big Brands and Mechanical workhorses in Micros. Maybe some will disagree

commented on chronografan's WRUW ·

Beauty . Best looking new “ vintage “ . did you happen to catch availability on the website ? I wouldn’t pay a premium but do have my eye out for it retail …

commented on chronografan's WRUW ·

the traveling grentchen ? nice one

commented on chronografan's WRUW ·

you sir , know your shit ! salute

commented on chronografan's WRUW ·

or is the watch hypnotizing our optical nerve ! Beauty !

commented on Will Quartz ever make a big comeback in the industry? ·

just to be clear I do appreciate some quartz , (see my most recent post on my wrist and a few past ones as well ) My Mecaquartz still ranks very respectably and proudly on my love list among arguably much heavier hittters …

commented on Will Quartz ever make a big comeback in the industry? ·

need the 30K$ client as well as the 50k$ ones …. simple ;)

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an occurrence does’nt make a custom , and it’s not going to last , but if anyone is in the market, today might be the day to move ……who would have ima...

Craziest NATO available ?

Clickbait , the strap is neither innovating or particularly good looking . BUT , Hueuer’s asking 190$ for the strap . ( that’s dollar$ , not ¥EN) I ,...

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They won’t re-invent horology, but the California’s Venice beach is a challenger to Casio’s for the cheap summer watch ‘ of the year . And it’s going...

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Enquiring about the interest for a MeetUp with Toronto ( GTA ) . Maybe over a few libations ?
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I don’t think i’ve heard a single instance in history ( to my knowledge ) and I feel this should have been attempted by now . Scenario of someone , be...

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calling on connaisseurs and experienced owners . I’m not yet experienced with vintage watches and I would really welcome your take on Rolex servicing...