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Rainy Day Purchase Good Idea?

With the weather not cooperating with my work schedule, I had nothing to do. As usual, I made a trip to a local AD that I frequent often. I love to br...

It is worth the cost?

I was gifted this beautiful Bosphorus Leather by my friends. I had always liked it, but was never willing to pay the price. I always used other nice w...

Something I've never seen

I have been scrolling on line in typical fashion when I came across this. I have been wanting something with a green dial, kind of an everyday piece....

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commented on rou123's WRUW

I own this watch as well. It's awesome. Ever considered a Rubber B strap for it. It's incredible

commented on Customs and Duties - International Watch Purchases

Ive been to several trips and have bought watches. Most have been under 5k. I always declare. Not worth the hassle.

commented on What am I doing wrong with my Artem?

Please don't do this if your watch is not water tight!

commented on What am I doing wrong with my Artem?

At first I had a similar problem. I spoke with a guy who told me to put it in some warm/ hot water (bearable to touch, don't boil) for a few min, while still warm placed it on a watch pillow overnight. Perfect.

commented on Disappointed to the max

Things happen. I know it's disappointing, but it isn't unheard of. This is the moment that Brand either really impressed or really depresses.

commented on If You're Not Wearing a Chronograph, You Should Be - The F1 Seasons begun.
commented on Milanese Mesh fans out there?

If you are a big Milanese fan, and are willing to spend the money, try Staib Milanese Bracelets. They are incredible. You can really tell the difference in German Made.

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Does anyone Else Have an Incredible Wife or Partner?

I had been thinking about a new watch for my 50th Birthday. I really didn't know what I wanted. I did know I wanted something different. I'm a sports...

Rolex Titanium - Is it great?

I was fortunate enough to see and try on the new Rolex Yachtmaster 42 in the new titanium. At first glance, it was a darker "stainless" looking timepi...

My Best looking Tree for the Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!!! 馃尣鈽冿笍馃巵

Thank you Crunchers!!!

After my recent poll on Blue dial vs Green dial, the people of Watch crunch spoke. I listened, and couldn't be happier. Pat yourselves on the back!! A...

Only Summer Watch?

I purchased this Doxa Sub 200 on a whim. I liked the style and the price was right. As I was putting on this morning, my wife looks over and said "you...

Glitching and Errors?!!

Is any one else getting errors when posting? Then the past pops up several times.