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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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Can these two watches exist in the same collection?

Omega speedmaster 3861 black and white dial
589 votes ·

Ming 37.09 blue fin dive watch would you buy?

This looks alright but there is no numbers for the timing bezel. It's internal rotating bezel is just not usable imo. One of the things I love about traditional dive watch bezel is that I can use it f...
80 votes ·

$1,750 CAD for this Seiko SPB451 would you want a signed crown or you're good with nothing?

Had an argument on YouTube about a tool watch=no signed crown. How does the WC family think? I think for $1,750 I would definitely want a signed crown.
362 votes ·

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commented on Got the call! ·

Congrats it's a great watch! I used to have the old version but silly me I sold it to get the Speedy 3861.

commented on Top 3 brands in your collection? ·

Omega- 2

Grand Seiko- 2

Casio (gshock)- 2

commented on Got love for the SMP? ·

Do you prefer great white or storm trooper? I'm with the latter.

commented on Got love for the SMP? ·

You won't regret it! Congrats! Wear it often 😊

commented on Got love for the SMP? ·
commented on Can these two watches exist in the same collection? ·

That would be epic! 👏🏾

commented on What’s Your Attainable Grail? ·

No haven't had the chance.

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What sub collection should I try to get first?

One of the sub collection I'm trying to get is, having 3 movements from Grand Seiko. I've already got the 9f quartz sbgn005, Springdrive Shunbun the highbeat that I'm looking at purchasing is the SBGJ...
230 votes ·

Which out of the four brands do you like best?

120 votes ·

For the Speedy 3861 owners would you trade in the O.G for the white dial version?

I'm thinking no but maybe have them both in the collection?
292 votes ·

Did anybody order a studio underdog today?

I was able to get the Watermelon. I'm pretty excited about it 😊 but it won't ship till May. I ordered in literally a minute and couldn't get it shipp...