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Which one should I buy?

Factors to consider: 16cm (6.3 inches) wrist I’ve only had quartz watches so far I have no real need for either functions: diving or to track multiple time zones. Any reasons are welcome 🙏 Thank you...
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Can anyone identify these watches?

Just watched BBC’s new drama, ‘This Town’ set in Birmingham, 1981. Well worth a watch if you like Two-Tone music and the fashion of the time. Love try...

Which one to buy?

Further details: https://www.christopherward.com/watches/c63-valour/C63-39QCC3-S00K0-B1.html?utm_campaign=1668650_WK52%20-%20Valour%20launch&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Christopher%20Ward%20Li...
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commented on tempo365's WRUW ·

Great watch, Tempo!

commented on burntleaves's WRUW ·

Classic. Backstreet boys 🤣

commented on Andreas92's WRUW ·

Congratulations, Andreas - looks fantastic and you’re right the details and packaging are top notch!

commented on burntleaves's WRUW ·

Thank you 🙏

commented on burntleaves's WRUW ·

Cheers, Terry 🍻

commented on BlacknSilver35's WRUW ·

☝️Great watch, Steve! Hope you had a great day 🤝

commented on ChiefIlliniwek's WRUW ·

Love this one, Tony 😎

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My first Hamilton!

Hello crunchers! I thought I’d share with you my new Hamilton Boulton which arrived today! Photographing the small details are a little beyond my phon...

Casio F-91W

Everyone’s seen this watch, but today for the first time, I actually held one and I’m really impressed: so small, clear and clean in design. I bought...

Which watch nerd are you?

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‘Intimate’ watch

For those special intimate moments, what do you wear, a ‘G’-Shock right?

Two Tone Watches

Hey crunchers. Post your two tone pieces in the comments below - would love to see all the wonderful bracelet styles and dials.