Okay, so I’m not actually wearing a pocketwatch. I pulled it out this morning to check if it was still running. The watch I got in 1998 from my wife o...

Vintage issued China Rail Sea-Gull ST5 watch

The watch is obviously very well used, but the strap is likely a much newer piece, and I'd presume aftermarket (it could be old stock in miraculous sh...
Ball Trainmaster on wrist today. Great little piece and was my second ball. [Insert testicular humor here]

Have they dropped the Ball??

Why does it seem that Ball doesn’t get much love? Like YouTubers seem to swerve them for the most part and they only seem to get mentioned from time t...

M.A. Mead & Co Boulevard pocket watch?

My little brother took my great grandfather’s pocket watch for my nephew after I had it rebuilt. He paid 50%. Then he gave me something I did not know...

All aboard the underrated express: Ball Watches!

Many watch enthusiasts know about Omega's Speedmaster, but did you know there's another brand with a history just as impressive, and arguably equal fi...

Chronotriggered destroys watches… #9 - Guest editor edition with Aurelian

And the series keeps rolling on. #8 is a recent memory, and it’s around a 70/30 split in favour of the destruction of the Jacob & Co NFT. I would suggest we destroy it, but it technically doesn’t...
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Railroad watches

Someone recently posted their extensive collection of RR watches which I thought was great. Here’s my small collection which I enjoy wearing.
Hampden Railroad Watch from the 1890s. My father bought this for me over 30 years ago at an auction. I really liked it. He surprised me by buying it....

Mondaine 41mm