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I hate it when watches are exclusive to countries or continents! I was sooo looking forward to this watch but it's exclusive to North America. Copyrig...

6 days to go...

Because of the surgery of my left shoulder I don't wear any mechanical watches atm. I never thought this would bother me that much! It's just a watch,...

That's probably true...

Sorry if "old"... but that's my experience also. No one seems to care. 🤷🏼‍♂️ 😄 Disclaimer: Not my work

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commented on Beltane63's WRUW ·

I´ve got the 42mm version. It wears light and (I´m not sure if this is correct english) flat. It hugs my wrist nicely and it´s very legible.

commented on No date? No big deal! ·

I had these!!! I totally forgot these calendars. Thanks for the memories. ☺️

commented on Beltane63's WRUW ·

Thank you so much Andy!

commented on Beltane63's WRUW ·

Thank you very much!

commented on Beltane63's WRUW ·

Thank you Danilo!

commented on Beltane63's WRUW ·

I agree!

commented on Beltane63's WRUW ·

I hope your back doesn't hurt today. 😄 Thank you!

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What would you choose?

I'm on the waiting list for a Rolex Explorer 40mm and I'm considering to leave this silly game. Who knows when it get "the call"? Tomorrow? In 3 years time? I know, these watches have not much in comm...
114 votes ·

My life is over...

Watchcrunch didn´t seem to count my pic from yesterday and now the counting for the Wristy 365 Badge starts at 1. I give up. But I´m free!!! 😂

Help, I can't find the outline...

I bought lately this wonderful watch, and since then I'm looking for the mountain in the movement.😄 Perhaps someone can show me the way to the mounta...

Hi from Germany

Hi, I'm Stefan, a Watch-Nerd from Germany. Watches are one of my passions for a long time. I just love these unnecessary, beautiful things.