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What’s your favorite insert?

There’s too many options to make a poll. What’s your favorite bezel insert? Ceramic, aluminum, fully lumed or just a pip, 12 hour, 24 hour, 60 minute…...

Swapped Bezel

Never was too thrilled with the Pepsi bezel on my Orient so I got a lumed ceramic from Long Island Watch. Tip: use a knife blade to remove Orient beze...

Islander Northport Mod

I really like the Islander Northport, but the glossy orange bezel insert of this "Fireball" model always bothered me. It made the watch look bigger th...

Watchdives milsub Bezel Swap.

Wanting to swap the bezel insert on this watchdives. I like the print on the insert, but not the ceramic. Too glossy and just does not sit right for a...

Invicta 31290 (1953)

Want to mod the bezel insert, anyone knows where to find the replacement? Or a compatible insert from another watch model ?

Aluminum, ceramic, or sapphire bezel inserts?

Today I'm wearing my Armida a12 with sapphire bezel insert. That got me wondering about bezel inserts and what our preferences are. You don't see sapphire very often and I don't know why that is.
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Tudor bezel marker issues

For the second time, I have lost part or all of the marker on my Tudor Pelagos. Several months ago I realized two of the rectangular markers (official...

Modding my bezel

Guys, i have a 40mm custom seiko Sprite GMT that was built for me earlier this year. I am thinking of changing out the bezel to Black. Would be my fir...

Need your opinion on this bezel insert

The original bezel didn’t have a lum pip so I decided to try this Omega Plant Ocean insert from a cough cough a rep. The original Bezel

Aluminum bezel fading

How long does it usually take aluminum bezels to fade/show wear? what are the factors that determine this the most?