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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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New Islander Port Jefferson with Traveler GMT

This just arrived today. One of the new Port Jefferson models with the Miyota 9075 traveler GMT movement. This is my first movement of this type. This...

15% Spending Decrease Announcement

Dear Watch Industry, First I'd like to thank you for being a loyal supplier of quality timepieces over the years. Although I've made every effort to k...

How tough are IXDAO watches?

I just accidentally found out when this IXDAO Serica homage tumbled off my wrist and landed (where else) on the tile floor of my kitchen. It smacked o...

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commented on Epic Battle: Date Vs Time-Only ·

I almost always prefer a date. I check the date often, and miss it when it's not there. If the BB58 had a nice date window at 6:00 and a T-Fit clasp, I'd probably be done buying watches.

commented on Newest member of the family! ·

Nice! I have a 1966 too.

commented on Newest member of the family! ·

There should be a letter and number on the case back to indicate the year.

I believe M is 60s, N is 70s, and the number after it indicates the year.

commented on Newest member of the family! ·

Very nice, clean watch. Looks great!

commented on Sell or Keep? ·

There's no information here on which to base a decision.

commented on Just A Minute ·

In modern vernacular, "minute" has somehow come to mean a long time.

"Yo I haven't seen you in a minute!"

We're all prisoners of the present, emerging from a past we can't change, while being propelled into a future we can't know.

commented on Zombie 🧟 apocalypse is upon us, what watch would wear while leaving the rest of your collection?? ·

G-Shock GWM5610.

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Spaghetti in the bowl, Spaghetti on the wrist. Perfectly pairing pasta and punctuality.

New Oris Big Crown Pointer Date

For the last few weeks, I've been trying to decide between an Oris Big Crown Pointer Date and a Hanhart 417 39mm. I have to say the post by @kid_prese...

NBA: New Bracelet Alert - Uncle Straps SNK809

Just got this bracelet in from Uncle Seiko (Uncle Straps), for the SNK800 series. The finish matches very nicely, and it wears comfortably. The qualit...

Rangemaster Mechanical In Stock

FYI, if anyone missed out on a Rangemaster Mechanical who wanted one, there is an active "Add to Cart" button on the website now. So, I guess there ar...

Islander Northport Mod

I really like the Islander Northport, but the glossy orange bezel insert of this "Fireball" model always bothered me. It made the watch look bigger th...

Happy October 10th!

10/10 at 10:10 10.