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New Sinn

New Sinn 105 arrived today. Nice and toolish. Simple design, but not too bland. Day/date, can track 2 time zones and still has a count-up bezel. I’ve...
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New GMT Options?

Some upcoming international travel plans have presented an opportunity to justify a new watch. With less expensive GMT movements hitting the market, w...
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This watch has broken me.

What have I done? Ever since I got this Omega Planet Ocean 39.5, things haven’t been the same. I was excitedly planning to add a Grand Seiko and maybe...
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gbelleh commented on Why the Chinese Balloon was really flying over the US ·

Is that what they were doing? Trying to locate a Rolex AD with stock?

gbelleh commented on Which one would you choose? ·

I'd happily keep the blue BB58 without question.

gbelleh commented on A rock and a hard place ·

Well in that case I would probably just sell or re-gift it. No sense having a watch you won’t wear.

gbelleh commented on A rock and a hard place ·

I would be honest and say I hate this, but I really appreciate the gesture. Maybe we could go out and exchange this one for something we pick out together that I'll like and wear often.

Then you can always associate whatever you get with that memory, and have something you're proud to wear.

I've done this with gifts from my own dad. I find people are usually glad to accommodate exchanging a gift for something you'll like better. Unless your family dynamic is very different.

gbelleh commented on Steel watch straps. ·

I usually prefer metal bracelets too.

gbelleh commented on Omeiga SeaMonster Concept ·

Stan Marsh? More like Stan Darsh!

gbelleh commented on Omeiga SeaMonster Concept ·

That blue and red one gives me flashbacks to Saturday morning cartoons in the mid 80s.


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gbelleh ·

Ancient Archaeological Find…

While recently digging in the back of an old desk drawer, I came across this artifact that I used to wear circa 2002. I actually remember buying this...
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Any Sinn U50 Alternatives?

I want to add a toolish brute to my collection, but one that’s still easily wearable. I’m strongly leaning toward the Sinn U50 SDR. It seems to have t...
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My Dive Bezel is Useless?

I always look forward to cooking things like pasta or pizza, because I’ll get to use a chronograph or dive bezel for an actual purpose. But last night...
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Finally decided on which Omega

After many months of researching watches, I kept coming back to this one. The 39.5mm Planet Ocean. It finally arrived today!
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How many timepieces did you adjust?

I finally just finished adjusting or resetting the 26 watches and 12 clocks that needed to be reset for the time change. Probably still forgetting som...
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Disco Lume

I was messing around with the UV light last night and some watches really groove under UV, like this Islander, looking like an orange, blue, and green...
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It’s Time to Downsize…

Can one really have too much of a good thing? Yes. I realize I have too many nice watches that just aren’t getting worn. If anyone is interested, here...
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