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Recent posts

gbelleh ·

An Unexpected 2-Watch Purchase Day

I knew Cincinnati Watch Co was releasing their P40 Automatic today for pre-order. But Marc from Long Island Watch also unexpectedly released the 40mm...
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gbelleh ·

Getting into Regulation

I have a few watches that I really like, and are consistent and reliable, but could be a bit more accurate. So I finally got a timegrapher and will be...
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gbelleh ·

New “Adventure” Watch Just Arrived.

Just got this set and sized and ready to go explori… I mean adventuring. So far, it seems very nicely built.
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Recent Comments

gbelleh commented on Save or scratch? ·

I keep an account for fun stuff (not just watches). I can't say I have a well defined grail at the moment, and find great enjoyment in things of all price ranges. So, I buy whatever interests me. Purchases are slowing down though as my collection grows and current tastes become narrowed down. If I find the account has grown to the point of grabbing a Grand Seiko or Omega, and nothing else looks interesting, maybe I'll grab something in the grail category. But for me, making sure to appreciate what I have is more important than chasing grails.

gbelleh commented on Power Reserve Complication? Yay or nay? Love it? Hate it? ·

I like the complication. Much like a date window, the functionality of a power reserve can override concerns about symmetry, etc. for me. But it still has to be tastefully done.

gbelleh commented on Which one do you prefer? ·

I prefer the Longines for its silver color and date. But I prefer the case shape of the Zenith. 

gbelleh commented on Battery operated watches stop working on some people. ·

This is definitely a true phenomenon, and it happens to me. Every 3 to 7 years (depending on the watch), my watch just stops working. My electrical, chi, feng shui, internal crystal energy is draining the batteries. There's literally no other explanation. Trust me, I did my research.

gbelleh commented on Next Purchase 🤔 The Long Island Bayport 🥰😍 ·

I like these a lot. In fact, I ordered the grey one earlier today. I don't know of any other discounts, but the regular price is still a pretty darn good deal for what you get. If you end up getting it, let us know how you like it.

gbelleh commented on Everyone Should Have A Weekender! ·

The Weekender does tick very loudly, but I like mine.

gbelleh commented on Do you name your watch(es)? ·

I wouldn’t be opposed to it, but haven’t found the need to name one yet. 

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gbelleh ·

Crazy for Casio

So much variety, quality, and reliability for such low prices. I can’t seem to stop buying Casios. I paid less for all these watches combined, includi...
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gbelleh ·

Finally decided on a German watch

After much consideration and deliberation, I finally bought a German watch. Initially everything seemed either too expensive, too minimalist, or part...
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gbelleh ·

Alsta Nautoscaph Superautomatic Review

Can something be greater than the sum of its parts? Can an intangible property emerge from an assembly of mundane pieces, favorably skewing one’s perc...
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gbelleh ·

Sinn 105 St Sa Opinions?

I've been searching for the right German watch for a while, but find many of them a bit too minimalist for my taste. So far, I'm liking the Sinn 105 S...
5 448
gbelleh ·

What is your most accurate watch?

I do enjoy tracking the accuracy of my watches against the atomic clock. I know it's unnecessary, but I find it amazing how accurate and consistent wa...
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gbelleh ·

Cincinnati Watch Company Guild Review

I only learned about the Cincinnati Watch Company recently. Having a personal connection to the city of Cincinnati, I was immediately interested in le...
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gbelleh ·

Signed Crowns - Important?

I’ve watched quite a few watch reviews, and I understand why certain things are desirable for a watch to have. Sapphire glass for scratch resistance,...
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