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7.00” / 17.78 cm Wrist
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Baltic Hermetique - Lug Width

So I ran across this new Baltic Hermetique and kinda fell in love. I have a affinity for <39MM field style watches. This looks like a fabulous GADA...

Bezel Swap - Which one?

Hey guys, Last year I had a 40mm Seiko Sprite GMT built. it uses the NH34 Movement. I have little to no real experience in modding anything, but Id li...

Modding my bezel

Guys, i have a 40mm custom seiko Sprite GMT that was built for me earlier this year. I am thinking of changing out the bezel to Black. Would be my fir...

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rusbro1 commented on My humble collection 🤓 ·

Leather dress watch? uhhh Hamilton Jazzmaster would fit nicely in there!

PS, if they made that Yellow dial citizen any size less than 40, id already have one! Nice collection there

rusbro1 commented on Self-Conscious About Luxury Watches ·

Enthusiasts arent the guys you need to worry about. We would see a skydweller and want to look at it and give a high five. Its the "oo man, thats a rolex hes wearing!" guy that you need to worry about! :)

I completely understand though. Thats the reason field watches (and other really understated watches) exist. Can be wearing a piece of finely made swiss history without drawing the attention of anyone but the enthusiasts!

rusbro1 commented on If you don’t sell out 🌈 ·

Feels like our society has oddly shifted. If there isnt a line outside of the building with guys in tight jeans and $400 sneakers waiting for a limited release so they can resale to real collectors, then its seen as a failure.

Something about that turns me off completely.

Think im getting old!

rusbro1 commented on About time ·

I must rush over to Reddit! They will be having a BLAST with this over there!

Used to watch his videos wondering how he lived THAT lifestyle flipping Rolexes. The margins are super thin, would have had to be selling 600 a day!

rusbro1 commented on Baltic Hermetique - Lug Width ·

You may have nailed it! Thick bracelet on a lovely round 37mm case doesnt seem to fit right. To my eye atleast.

rusbro1 commented on Hamilton Field Expedition ·

That needs to be a 37MM in my opinion!

rusbro1 commented on Baltic Hermetique - Lug Width ·

You are right there. Maybe its the Bracelet in the "on wrist" pic. If it was a nato or leather strap, it would bother me less HAHA.

Ole Nit picking SOB.

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