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Bezel Insert Mod?

Saw this insert for $0.99 on AJuiceT and bought it for fun. What do you all think? Should I slap the red bezel on my 5KX? I think it looks fun and mig...

The San Martin Type 1 Homage Review

Have not seen many reviews or posts on this watch so I thought I put in my thoughts. For any fans of the Benrus Type 1/2 looks this may be a watch to...

San Martin SN0123G V2

4.6 Avg. Score

Which strap looks best?

Wanted to see what y’all think about these different fabric straps on my San Martin sn004 red bezel. Which strap do you think looks best on this guy?...

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commented on islandwatchguy671's WRUW ·

This is the one I ordered for mine and it did fit!

commented on TheyCallMeT's WRUW ·

The #crownandbuckle “eighteen” chevron strap would look great on your #sanmartin this strap here

commented on islandwatchguy671's WRUW ·

The #sanmartin jubilee bracelet really enhances this watch if you are a fan on jubilee style! Also comes with the on-the-fly adjustment!

commented on Bezel Insert Mod? ·

Then maybe a red tipped seconds, or full red second hand. Probably stop there with the red. Slap a jubilee on there and I think it will be pretty sexy by then.

commented on Bezel Insert Mod? ·

Next will be a chapter ring with just a light amount of red accents maybe every 10 minute mark

commented on Which strap looks best? ·

I agree, I think they all work, but I definitely feel myself getting pulled towards the khaki. I wish I had a strap like the actual Tudor weaved black and red fabric strap. But if I had one of those I might as well have an actual Tudor along with it haha.

commented on New Toy ·

Such an awesome looking watch.

I bet that rubber strap is going to be a main strap for the most part, but if you haven’t heard of them already I would also recommend checking out crown and buckle for their Chevron straps! They have some burgundy mixed straps that would go great with this guy! Their straps are very Tudor inspired/friendly.

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Which C&B Chevron strap color works on this San Martin Pepsi GMT?

I mostly wear this guy on a jubilee bracelet from San Martin, but I like to switch it up often. Which color works best? These are just a few of their chevrons that I have acquired so far.
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Taking the next step?

Sitting in my car after work at 4am. Admiring my San Martin SN0121 Pelagos homage. I now find myself thinking about getting myself an actual Tudor sin...

Chapter ring swap/mod

I am wanting to swap out the chapter ring on my 5KX. I am thinking either a brushed silver with black markers, or a white ring with black markers. What would fit better? I was thinking the brushed sil...
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